3 ways to lose body fat quickly & maintain your muscle mass

There is no real “quick fix” when it comes to losing bodyweight. It may take some people a lot longer than others. I can take up to 3 months for anything to happen. It’s frustrating beyond belief, but you have to make the best of what you’ve been given. That’s not to say that there aren’t some great ways to speed the process along somewhat. But these are not quick fixes of any kind, but they are strategies to help you lose body fat, whilst maintaining as much of your muscle mass as possible.

Three simple fat loss and muscle accumulation strategies

  1. Lift heavy weights and avoid endurance exercise. Lifting heavy weights whilst dieting is one of the best ways to preserve muscle loss. You will need to pivot from accumulation to intensification phases week by week and month by month, to make progressive changes in strength and hypertrophy. You also want to aim at having a beautiful, symmetrical physique with the least imbalances as possible. Although this may sound somewhat confusing, an experienced trainer (such as myself) can help you with this and get you there a lot sooner than someone trying to guess their way towards a successful body composition outcome. It’s also crucial you do give endurance exercise a miss for the time being. When dieting, this kind of training will lead to a catabolic state and increase muscle degradation. It’s tough to know how far you can push something like HIIT, but I would recommend not to use cardio, unless you need to – and only when those fat stores don’t budge after many months of training and dieting.
  2. Eat enough protein to increase fat loss and maintain muscle mass. For those that train lifting weights, and dieting, higher than the average levels of protein is needed in order to keep your reserves topped up, and your appetite as satiated as possible. Researchers point to a threshold of about 1.6kg/g/BW to avoid muscle loss. This figure will depend on what sex you are, how heavy you lift and how big you are. Give or take, this is a scientific average for those who weight train.
  3. Use intermittent fasting to your advantage for fat loss and muscle gain.  IF is an excellent strategy for fat loss due to the increasing levels of human growth hormone, and stabilisation of insulin levels. For this to work as well as it can, you must consume enough protein sources during the day. Again this will depend from person to person. Therefore, it’s best to experiment weekly with one increase and gauge your body composition, energy and training strength from it. One thing many people do is fast for 2 or 3 days per week while allowing the rest for regular consumption of food. This works very well too. It all depends on what you want more – fat loss or muscle gain. I am on this strategy and have been for many months. I can say, I do not see any decline in muscle mass at all.

This is muscle building and fat loss in a nutshell. I could get into the specifics of training, nutrition and fasting in general. Still, I wanted to let you know that with these 3, simple protocols, you can experience some great results – and it’s not too tricky to adapt to your everyday life.

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