What are good methods/strategies to gain muscle quickly?

I have a very good method of gaining mass quite fast (although, it doesn’t create miracles). You still have to do some work in the kitchen in order to make this a reality. Training properly provides the catalyst for achieving the results in muscle gain you desire.

5 mass muscle building strategies that work!

  1. Try the “honest workout” This one will set your muscles alight!
    I truly believe in the value of high volume training. Volume training achieves maximum muscle growth quickly, especially in lagging body parts. It also works wonders in reducing body fat fast.
    This training is similar to German Volume Training as it involves focus on low number of exercises, with a high number of sets and reps. The entire workout can be finished in an hour or less. This program is designed to be completed in under an hour in order to work all the major muscle groups and enable them to recover from these difficult training sessions. You would work each body part only twice a week and allow at least 72 hours rest between workouts
  2. Small frequent meals during the day are essential
    Smaller meals throughout the course of the day, stimulate your metabolism a lot more. These meals don’t have to be large in size, just a teaser for your metabolism, in order for it to kick start. Contrary to what many people believe, is that low carb diets actually help you increase muscle mass.
  3. Make sure you take proper care of yourself.
    Avoiding energy leaks is key to progress and success in strength and muscle size. Stay well away from anything that will cause you to physically diminish your efforts, energy and strength training goals. This includes skipping meals, sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety and indulging in the inappropriate foods. Don’t dismiss negative emotions as well, because these too can mentally stop you from being the best you can be.
  4. Avoid excessive amounts of cardio.
    Too much cardio can diminish your hard earned muscle mass and leave you lethargic and a weakened immune system. Weight training is key to reshaping your body, as well as allowing the body fat loss rapidly. It’s a matter of training properly and following a healthy diet. You must be consistent and persevere through challenges.
  5. Compound exercises are best for building mass quickly.
    Think dead lifts, squats, bench press, pull ups etc. These exercise work a lot more muscles than you think, therefore, you are targeting a variety of groups in one session only. Yes it will leave you sore, and YES, you will increase your muscle mass.

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  • Ewa Kirkor , 18/07/2019

    Very happy to find someone who promotes fitness the way you do. I’m happy to add that the methods you promote work for me . Few tidbits about me: 68 now, started seriously resistance training around 65. After dropping half the dress size (20->10) the first year, I keep it this way: resistance training on a 5 day split, HIIT twice a week 30 minutes, home-cooked small frequent meals, with about 35% calories from protein in each, no junk, active rest 2 days a week. Work hard (professionally) and play hard is what I like. I wish I had a training buddy. How to find & connect with the like-minded in my age group ( I have 4 gym memberships), but see no women in my age group working out most sets to failure like I do.
    I will be thankful for your reply,

    • admin , 27/07/2019

      Hello Ewa,
      Thank you for your comment on this post. Looks like you are doing whatever it takes to exceed your physique goals. I love hearing that! It’s people like you that inspire us fellow lifters. In answering your question, I don’t actually know anyone (at my gym anyway) that is mature and lifts. It is upsetting that most women are scared and intimidated by weights. I hope I can change this one! Just so you know, I’ll be one of those older ladies lifting heavy and to failure for as long as I can LOL 🙂

    • admin , 02/11/2019

      Thank you for sharing your journey Ewa, I love it when others do not accept age as a limitation. It’s wonderful to connect with people like you. Please keep in touch. 🙂

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