How do you avoid constipation when fasting?

Constipation when fasting is something that can come about for those who are beginning their journey or could be an ongoing symptom for different people. Those that suffer digestive issues will probably experience some uncomfortable moments.

Think about the transitions happening within your body, from going to a sugar burning phase, and then to using fat stores as energy. This happens when you aren’t fuelling the body constantly – and it’s got to get some fuel from somewhere.

When you are transitioning from different fasting times on a daily basis, this can play a bit of a role in the irregularity. If you can handle it, it’s best to stick to a certain fasting period often, and not veer off course if you can help it (although, sometimes that’s quite challenging to do).

5 ways to avoid constipation when fasting on a daily basis

  1. Use a fibre supplement early on in the day (preferably during breakfast or your first meal of the day) This should be taken consistently, and if you so happen to forget, use a capsule form of fibre. It should be a natural mixture, mainly consisting of psyllium husks. This is safe to take on a daily basis, and perhaps something we should all take regularly to help with cleansing of the bowel.
  2. Drink lots of water. This is essential, as it prevents dehydration when fasting, and also assists in the elimination when we take fibre supplements. When we don’t drink enough water, and take regular doses of psyllium husks, we can further exasperate the constipation issue. You can set a reminder on your phone to drink water every 30 minutes, or force yourself to keep drinking water constantly, until it becomes an ingrained habit.
  3. Add MCT or coconut oil to your coffee. If you are not fasting, add either one of these to your coffee, and it will help you get things moving. It’s also a good idea through the day, to make it a habit of ingesting your MCT or coconut oil to keep the bowels moving.
  4. Get moving and walk as much as you can. Naturally when we fast, the amount of movement we do decreases. This can be detrimental to our toilet habits. When we get moving, our digestion begins to wake itself up. You may have noticed this is more ways than one. When we sit down, we constrict and inhibit the expelling. When we move, we get the gears moving again. Try to get out of your chair regularly if you are sitting in an office or do make the effort to walk during your lunch break. Incidental exercise is also important for our health.
  5. Eat fibre rich foods like green veggies with every meal. It’s important to still keep up to date with our nutritional needs. Green veggies should be an important part of this. Make sure you are eating enough during the periods you are eating, and always include fats such as avocados and olive oil to get things moving. I have found a salad dressing with olive oil and pure lemon juice to be a very effective way in aiding elimination regularly. Just make sure you are near a bathroom after drinking this!

You can choose to go down the list and see what works for you or try them all and see what results you get. I find that sometimes one thing works best then another, and that can change regularly. Don’t fret, as your last resort would be a laxative – but try not to do this frequently. Please keep in touch and appreciate this information, why not stick with my fitness and health ranting via my website or join me on fb and insta social. Please feel free to upvote this answer if it has been useful in some way to you.


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