Here Is How To Build Muscle, Increase Endurance Faster & Without Injury

Training twice a day is both practical and rewarding — if you do it properly

Athletes have particular goals to achieve, which sometimes take longer, a lot longer to complete. It could range from increasing muscle, strength or endurance. Some of us want to achieve athletes results in half the time — and we can do a pretty good job attaining this. The best way to accomplish any of these goals is to train twice a day. It’s the safest and best alternative than having to wait 3–6 months for results. Research has suggested that training is so practical twice a day because it will increase neuromuscular function, which produces greater force quickly — multiple times. From a personal point of view, I took on this training method when preparing for physique competitions years ago. Because I had a short period to accumulate muscle, I used this as a means to get there just a little bit faster. I broke up my workouts during the morning and evening. This way, I allowed rest and recovery to perform the exercises in the most effective way possible, which increased my muscle mass without being subjected to injury. This is usually a symptom produced from overtraining. Twice a day of training eliminated this. To get the most out of twice a day training, you must ease into this method with shorter sessions so you allow enough time for your body to adapt. Start with 20-minute workouts spaced four to six hours apart. Then, work up to 40 and 60-minute workouts. If you increase your activities to a more extended period, it will become counterproductive and lead to overtraining. Please don’t think that training for hours is going to be effective — it is not. 

Try this on for size.

Work out heavy in the mornings — using lower reps of 1–3, with five sets. Make sure you use extremely heavyweights to make this training method effective. In the afternoons/evenings, perform 4–6 using 8–10 reps with moderate weights. One of my most favourite methods is to train the same body part twice per day! Yes, this is tough indeed, but awesome if you have body parts that lag in development and need some extra care. It would help if you aimed for multi-joint movements in the morning (deadlifts or squats) and single joints in the evening (leg press, extensions, calf raises etc.). This is by far my most favourite method. I urge you to try this method out and see how it works for you. 

One thing to mention before I finish this is to remember that your nutritional needs will change.

 Training twice a day requires more food and of the right kind — Ideally, it is beneficial to increase your protein and vegetable consumption. Maybe add in some protein shakes after training to help you out without a lot of effort. You will be pretty sore, too — schedule physiotherapy and massage. You might also enjoy Epsom salt baths and taking magnesium. If you have tried training twice a day or are thinking about doing so, please comment below. If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link. I’d love to see you on the other side. Sign up here for your medium subscription

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