Lose body fat and stay lean while still eating your carbs – by doing this one thing

Lose Body Fat & Stay Lean While Still Eating Your Carbs — By Doing This One Thing

I once gave up my favourite carbs to stay lean and muscular.  It was all roses and cherry blossoms in the beginning — I was getting the results I wanted without too much effort.  However, problems started to arise when the strategy no longer worked.  I was gaining weight, feeling miserable and having the worst cravings possible.  What was wrong with me, and why did this occur when everything was running along too sweetly?  I went from succeeding to failing miserably and becoming depressed in the process.  The problem was I gave up carbs — for all the wrong reason.  I didn’t have health problems or blood sugar fluctuations.  I gave carbs up in the name of being competitive lean, and it didn’t work.  Eliminating food groups because we suspect the outcome may be a lean, muscular and shapely physique is going about things the wrong way.  Instead, we can and should eat an abundance of different foods.  This whole food natural variety is essential for our everyday functioning needs and serves our appetite and natural human tendencies for carb cravings. We all have them, and no one is free of this essential biological need.  When I finally had enough of this whole carb deprivation, I decided to uncover some tricks that I could use to manipulate certain foods to work for — not against me.  How do we eat some yummy carbs with our meals, ensuring they don’t impair our overall body composition goals?  The trick to this is to lower the glycemic index of rice and potatoes, which allows us to easily digest them, satisfy our craving, and eliminate the experience of the usual carb overloading effects.

How do I lower the carb rating of potato and rice?

The strategy is straightforward.  It is using the simple technique of boiling a carb such as rice that changes its form.  It then changes again after the cooking process is complete.  Studies show that consumption of cooled rice after cooking (cooling it after cooking, then reheating it) results in a lower blood glucose response than just eating the cooked rice straight off the stove.

You can even do this with potatoes

The great news is you don’t have to use complicated ingredients or alternate rice and potato at all.  Instead, you can lower the glycemic index to alter its digestibility simply by cooling or reheating after the rice or potato has cooled down.  It’s so simple that it’s crazy so many of us have failed to understand this simple scientific solution.

Key takeaways

This method could change the way you feel about carbs for good.  Instead of running away from them, try to include rice and potatoes in your diet by boiling them first, then reheating them before eating.  Controlled portion sizes are still essential, but now you’re reducing this food’s caloric rate.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, put on muscle or eat healthily — carbs are still essential for every one of us.  Depending on the goals we want to achieve, it’s pretty easy to manipulate your carbs in many different ways so that you can still eat them regularly.  Combining this method for controlling starch and carb cycling provides a great alternative while still enjoying the carbs life offers.  If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link. I’d love to see you on the other side. Sign up here for your medium subscription

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