4 strategies that tone your whole body in 30 days or less

The secret to a toned body is partly to do with food and partly training with weights. You must strategically plan your meals and exercises like a person on a mission. This should be implemented in a consistent and committed manner. The time it tasks will differ from person to person – depending on these factors and genetics.

When it comes to weight loss, your main vice is food. But when you want to tone your body, re-shape it and put on some muscle, it’s a matter of diet AND how you train. It’s more than just lifting weights – it must be done so with an intention to change your body. I could go through various forms of training protocols that will help you, but let me give you the best ways to change your entire body. This is your question, and one month is a good time to see results by bringing it down to the basics of training. Let’s get to it now.

4 strategies that tone your whole body in 30 days or less

  1. Your diet should consist of protein, fats & minimal complex carbs. Diet is going to help you sustain your workouts, as well as build muscle mass and burn off some body fat that will disguise your precious muscle. Why not trim up as while you tone in the process? Ensure you eat well, ample amounts of lean protein like eggs, chicken breast, and fish. Eat good quality fats like avocado, olive, and coconut oil. Keep carbs light and make sure they consist of oats, sweet potatoes, and basmati rice sometimes. Fill up on the carbs that contain as many vitamins, minerals, and fiber as possible.
  2. Multi-joint movements are your best overall body shaper. Exercises like deadlifts, squats, lunges, bench pressing, and pull-ups work most of the muscles in the body – giving you more leverage to shape, tone, and build the body you want. Most people don’t even attempt half of these moves because they are hard and leave you feeling challenges and even with a bit of a sore ego! My advice. to you is to leave that at the door, and do what it takes to execute the moves properly. When you use good form and build up the amount of weight you lift, your body will change. Use these exercises as your main point of call when creating a program for yourself. Remember, the more muscles you use at any given time, the more results you will get. That’s going to set you apart from the rest of the population and change your body within a month.
  3. Rest. Training with weights is very important, but so is resting. Intense training to build muscle needs recovery time for the muscle to repair and grow beyond it’s potential. This will help you to lift more weight and become stronger long term. What is the rest? It’s taking time away from lifting weights, but not being inactive as such. Take a walk, do a yoga class, or even ride your bike. Do another activity as a form of relaxation, and not something you must do to burn off calories. We want to retain the energy we have and channel it to prepare the muscle – and rejuvenate our energy levels. Sleep and rest are vital for changes in your body shape to occur.
  4. Consistency. You must train in a consistent way, every week no matter what. Your training has to be created for your personal goals, and you must constantly challenge your body to go beyond its point of call. This is only done by applying the principle of consistency and staying committed to your game plan. Just as you train, you rest and you eat well. All of these things have a follow on effect towards achieving your goal. No one can be done without the other. Stay true to your goal and be the champion you want to become.

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