The 4 best exercises to alternate with HIIT

HIIT is a great way to increase your endurance, strength, fitness and lose body fat faster. Those short bursts of intense exercise, followed by minimal rest periods, ignite hormonal shifts within the body to burn stored fat as energy, as well as increasing your rate of fat burn after the session.
I like to integrate HIIT with weight training. This is my most loved solution for those who have a bit of body fat to lose, and also want to build a more shapely, lean and strong physique. Below are some great program alternatives you can use to achieve an overall more pleasing and healthy aesthetic.

4 exercise strategies to alternate with HIIT, for better results.

  1. Weight training. As stated above, this is my favourite way of getting the best of both worlds. HIIT provides endurance, cardiovascular health, and belly fat burn. Integrate it with weights, and you develop a powerhouse physique that will hit the mark for health and aesthetics. Make sure you weight train 3–4 times per week and do not perform HIIT on the same day as weights. This defeats the purpose and will level you overtrained and injured. Structure them so you are performing them on alternate days. Perhaps this may mean cutting down on too many HIIT sessions, in favour of a bit more weight training, You will not be disappointed with the results!
  2. Circuit training. You can definitely work this in with your HIIT on the same day. Train using kettlebells, ropes, sledge and any other equipment you have around you. Form a structure, where at the end of your circuit, you sprint for however many seconds on a treadmill or bike. This is great for those who like to push themselves above and beyond, and want a workout that will really get results. This is quite a lot of fun.
  3. Hill sprints. Although these in and of themselves are much like HIIT, why not get yourself below a very hectic hill, and try to sprint to the top of it continuously? This will ultimately test your will to push forward, despite the burning sensation in your legs and glutes! I love these and did them successfully when preparing for my physique competitions. It’s definitely very challenging.
  4. Power or hill walking. Now, I know this isn’t the most challenging exercise you can do in a day, but it’s extremely powerful for your progression. You cannot and should not push your body on a daily basis. The body needs a break to refresh, repair and rejuvenate. Rather than doing nothing, try to walk out the muscle soreness, and also for tension release. It’s important to keep active on a daily basis, as well as chilling out, relaxing and allowing the body to do so as well. Remember, more is not necessarily better.

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