4 quick ways to clear the 3pm slump

Ok, I’m sure there are many of you (including me!) that suffer from the 3pm slump epidemic! It’s so common, and I assume a lot of you reach for the coffee (my preferred choice) and perhaps maybe something sweet to eat? It’s that little bit of extra fuel that will get you through your working afternoon. I have a few tips and tricks for you to try out, next time that slump hits. I promise it will leave you energised and ready to take on that extra workout in the afternoon!

  • Pack yourself an extra small meal, filled with protein and cruciferous vegetables and some fats (olive oil). Have this instead of coffee and a snack.. Watch the difference to your energy levels.
  • Carry some protein powder and have a shake instead. This will get you home without wanting to raid the fridge before dinner is ready.
  • A tub of your favourite non sweetened yogurt with berries. Add some of your most loved nut range on top as a garnish. If you feel like some chocolate, sprinkle some sugar free cacao for the antioxidant hit
  • Cheese, cucumber and carrots… This combo is really yum, even when using vegan cheese or fetta. Give it a go, and why not drizzle some olive oil and a bit more salt for added flavour

There are so many more healthy options to clear that 3pm slump. These  are just a few small alterations using what you have at home. The trick is to make it easy, so that you don’t have to think about it too much, and that it’s not overwhelming.

Let me know what your biggest challenges are when it comes to food choices. I’d love to help you out.

Happy 3pm lift!

Xx ange oo

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