5 hacks to radically boost your metabolism

Would you love to know what simple and easy tricks you can do regularly to boost your metabolism and burn body fat?
Well, this post is precisely for you! Check out these tips when adding some calorie-burning tips to your ever-growing list. Remember, try everything out as you never know what will work best for you.
  1. Eat more food! This one is essential! To drive your car to its destination, you have to put adequate fuel in it. The same goes for your metabolism. To train in the gym effectively and build muscle, as well as burn body fat, you must fuel your body correctly. That doesn’t mean eating all the time, but picking the most nutrient efficient food to eat during meal times, to get the best nutritional value from it. Pick the best sources of protein, veggies and carbs. If you are fasting, make your meal choices accordingly. If you are trying to lose body fat, try carb cycling. You can still use this strategy when fasting.
  2. Drink green tea! Said to be vital in assisting your body to burn fat, and boost your metabolism. Green tea also contains antioxidants and is great at curbing your appetite. Sip on green tea during the day, either hot or cold. Its effects are lovely.
  3. Eat protein: Protein is on its own, a thermogenic substance. It takes a lot of energy to break protein down, so therefore, it’s key to our weightless journey. Not to mention that it keeps you full for longer (satiety). This will stop you from snacking mindlessly and or indulging in food that’s not appropriate for your body composition goals.
  4. Drink 3 litres of water daily: Water flushes out toxins (such as cellulite) and clears the body of impurities. It also hydrates your cells. It’s great for your skin and overall well-being. Drinking a lot of water also gives you a sense of fullness, and, when you think you may be hungry, have a glass of water first instead. Wait 15-20 minutes to see if it’s genuine hunger or dehydration.
  5. Build more muscle by lifting weights: Lifting weights is the ultimate lazy calorie burner. It takes a lot of energy to build muscle, and when you damage the power when lifting heavier weights (or doing a more difficult exercise) the repair stage torches calories! You may feel a lot more hungry than usual (especially if you had a massive leg day). This is normal. Your body needs calories for repair and regeneration. Don’t forget that muscle weighs more than fat, as it’s a living, breathing entity. Fat is not. Aim to lift weights 3-4 times a week, preferably alternating between splitting body parts or circuit training. Many forms of weight training build muscle and burn calories at the same time. Stay tuned for more details.

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