6 key benefits of fellow fit buddies

Fit buddies are our most trusted allies on the road towards our fitness goals. You can meet them at the gym, at work, or in social settings. Your key ice breaker will probably be complimenting one another on your physiques, or perhaps those awesome biceps. These people will be there to help you out at the gym, eat out at the best healthy cafes and understand that “Gym is life” and that’s ok! We all have our special places and devices.

  1. They will be the first one to compliment us on our body composition progress: We have been working hard for weeks & months, eating clean, sweating it out on the cardio machines, and lifting heavy weights. Our progress is slow, but we can see and feel the differences. No one else really comments much.. But our fellow fit buddies, they can see EVERY difference. They commend you for your progress, tell you that you look amazing, and that back.. Those abs! Wow, you feel like a million bucks! Finally, someone is taking notice of all the bits we’ve been slaving away with diet and exercise to re-shape. The love of your fit buddies, praising you for your discipline and hard work ethic.

  1. They will be close by when a sleazy guy tries to hog our exercise equipment: You know how it is sometimes.. Those guys in the gym thinking they can start up a conversation with you while you have your headphones on, or even just parking their stuff on the equipment you are using. Have no fear, as your fit buddy is within arms length, looking and observing the situation closely, ready to pounce on anyone that proceeds to upset you. You know they have your back, and vice versa. Friends are always there for each other, especially when you need an extra helping hand or a defensive mouth to add onto yours.

  1. They will be there to spot us when we are taking on our PB lift: It’s that day, finally! PB day’s are ones you dread and LOVE to look forward to as it means progress, strength and power towards a new level. Whatever day it may be for you, it’s wonderful knowing you have a fit buddy close by that can lend a hand. All you need to do is give them a brief before you enter the gym, and then they will look out for your signal. That slight tilt of your face to one side, never letting that look of “kill and conquer” leave your face. You mean business, and they have your back.

  1. We can count on them to be ok with eating at the healthiest cafes or restaurants: When we commit to our fitness and body composition goals, it’s important to us that we still eat well, even when having a cheat meal. Fellow fit buddies understand this, and are on the same page. They don’t want to drink excessively or eat horrible foods. We all know what that does to our bodies, and also how it makes us feel the next day. We are wreaked for days on end. It’s just not cool when you want to achieve your fitness goals. Fit buddies wont make you feel bad for choosing a place that’s healthy and nourishing. You will feel free being able to just chill and enjoy the wonderful food and company.

  1. They understand why we don’t want to drink alcohol.. Mainly because the next day is epic leg day: We all know what excessive drinking does to our bodies. When a drinks night comes up, we cringe at how it will be for us, and how we can get out of the invitation! We would much rather have a nice glass of wine over a meal and conversation.. Unlike drinking ourselves silly and being sick as a dog. This is just not us anymore, and we have better things to do the next day than sleep and have out heads in the toilet.. After all, it’s leg day tomorrow lol!

  1. When it comes to weekly cheat meals, they get we still want to have healthy alternatives and will tag along to the vegan/gluten free/dairy free joints to eat with us: Yes! Rejoice guys, we can FINALLY have a cheat meal that’s good for us, and that eliminates allergens or toxic chemicals (like white sugar or gluten) that makes us feel like crap after we eat! This is where we can have a lot of fun with of buddies! We can also feel relaxed knowing we are on mutual grounds about our chosen food choices. No need to feel left out or guilty, and no garbage temptation staring at us from our neighbours side of the table!

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