Burn body fat faster & workout in half the time with this method

I’m very passionate about the following way to exercise, and it’s the method I’ve used for many years. It always serves me well with both body fat reduction and muscle gain.

This type of workout is very intense, and you will really feel it. That in tern means that it will generate some amazing results for you, as well as help you get your workout completed faster and more effectively.

I actively train with super sets, which produce some super awesome results. Supersets means that you implement one exercise (bicep curl) and then follow that on with a second exercise (triceps extension). This method outlined uses opposing muscle groups, which means you can get away with less rest time between sets. Less rest time in between sets increases the production of growth hormone. Say hello to the beauty of body fat reduction as a result.

Less rest also enhances the activation of the muscle contraction. In other words, it really works your muscles intensely, so you experience faster growth. Not only that, but this way of training is the best for strength gains! Let’s break the benefits down even further for you.

Supersets: Time effective + Fat burning + Muscle building + Strength building = The fastest results!

I really can’t find a fault in this way of training, and it seems to tick all the boxes. I encourage you to try out this method and see what it does for you. This method is best when you have been training for a little while and are familiar with using the proper form. That’s not to say that beginners can’t try this out. But please do research the exercises in any program so that you may execute them with precision.

Here is a little teaser super set training session based on biceps and triceps. A refers to the first super set, B to the second super set and so on.

Bicep and triceps teaser super set – by ange dim fitness

A1: Standing biceps curl 4 sets x10-12 reps (tempo 5-1-0)

A2: Cable Triceps extension 4 sets x 10-12 reps (tempo 0-5-1)

B1: Seated 90 degree bicep curl 4 sets x 10-12 reps (tempo 5-1-0)

B2: Triceps dips 4 sets x 10-12 reps (tempo 5-1-0)

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