What happens if I lift weights but don’t eat an excess of calories and also do a lot of cardio?

I’m afraid this kind of situation produces ineffective results all around, and you will become frustrated with the effects.

When you create a calorie deficit, you will lose fat and muscle (unfortunately) This is just how it goes overall. It’s very challenging to maintain muscle mass, and you will go from gaining muscle to losing muscle weekly. The trick to combating this is to always eat your planned meals, filled with the right amount of protein, carbs and fats, so that you can get some kind of balance overall.

Now, you can create an environment to lose body fat and gain muscle, when you train property and eat very well. BUT, as with anything, you will find that at times, it can fluctuate on either end of the scale. This is a normal occurrence, and it takes some conscious awareness to push through. The best way to work out your fat loss and muscle gain is to regularly use a Dexta or body scan. They have almost perfect results, and something to use as a standing point in working out what is an effective method of diet and training, for your body.

When you are really watching your calorie intake, one trick us figure competitors always had up our sleeve, was to lift as heavy as possible, with minimum reps, and extended sets. We allowed an extended rest in between sets, due to fatigue. Lifting as heavy as we possibly could take, preserved our muscles during intense dieting.

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