4 of the best essential oils for bloating and stomach discomfort

I personally have become a huge fan of using essential oils in the relief of not only intestinal discomfort, but also for muscle soreness, tension and stress. The aroma of the oils triggers relaxation in the nervous system and the brain, therefore releases tension and allows for the flow of peacefulness and calm.


Peppermint is the most amazing essential oil for calming stressed and tense muscles, headache relief and soothing an upset or distressed stomach and digestion. Peppermint leaves have analgesic properties that provide pain relief, and an anti inflammatory which eases inflammation.

For digestion upset: To use peppermint oil, place a couple of drops of pure essential oil with some almond massage oil. Rub on your abdomen in a clockwise motion, until it provides soothing relief. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your heat pack and place on your inflamed abdomen for as long as needed. You will feel a warm and cooling sensation on the skin for a while, and will also experience some redness on the skin. That is just the peppermint oil working it’s magic and releasing it’s anti inflammatory properties. Use less peppermint if you find it uncomfortable.

For muscular soreness relief: Place 4 drops of peppermint oil with some almond oil for each section of muscle (depending on how sore you are). Massage onto your muscles, then use some tension to dig deep into any knots and particular nerve endings, which are causing some discomfort. You will feel hot, yet cool in the area. Allow the properties of the peppermint oil to take effect.

Expert tip: If you really want to get even better results, add some magnesium cream or spray to the area as well, about 15 minutes before bed. You will have a sensational night sleep, and also feel pain free the next day! WARNING: Please wash your hands after using peppermint oil. It can actually get into your eyes and become really unpleasant!


Lavender oil contains antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. It heals burns and soothes bug and mosquito bites. Used at night, it can promote a restful sleep due to it’s aroma. It can also cure anxiety depression, restfulness and insomnia. Use in conjunction with the peppermint oil when applying as a massage oil.

For digestion; Use in conjunction with the peppermint. I would recommend 5 drops. Massage onto your abdomen. The smell of peppermint and lavender mixed together is delightful for the senses.

For muscular soreness relief; Use 5 drops with the peppermint oil and almond massage oil, rub onto sore muscles. Massage onto your scalp to induce sleep and relaxation.

Expert tip: add a few drops of lavender oil, to a small purse spray container, with some purified water (try Evian or even alkalizing water). Use as a calming spritzer during the day, or even a pillow sleep inducing spray at night.


In my book, chamomile cures just about everything! Use it to treat any kinds of inflammation, rashes (including nappy rash), put a few drops on a hot towel, and place on your head for instant anxiety relief. Studies show that chamomile is great for reducing wind, stomach irritation and helps the muscles in the digestive tract to relax, making it easier to get the poo out! Chamomile also helps ease the discomfort of your intestine.

For digestion; I recommend 3 drops of this with your peppering & lavender mix. Another great option is to ingest some chamomile tea, from leaves. Soak the chamomile in the hot water as much as possible, then sip accordingly. Very good for relaxation and calmness

For muscular soreness relief; Muscles need recovery after training. Chamomile is best suited for the evening, to aid of relaxing the muscles skeletal system. Add together with lavender only if you are experiencing anxiety or extreme stress

Expert tip: Soak chamomile tea bags or tea leave bags on your eyes, relax and meditate. Take off and notices the bags under your eyes may have shrunk, or just disappeared.


Soaking ginger with hot water and lemon is my ultimate elixir every morning. It’s an anti bacterial and anti inflammatory drink. It also relaxes my gut, and decreases any bloating.  Ginger works so well in conjunction to the oils above, increasing the anti inflammatory properties and therefore aid in a much speedier ease of stomach and digestion irritation. Ginger also helps to ease bloating and effectively assist in the release of trapped gas in the colon and increase the rate of gastric emptying.

For digestion; May I suggest using 2 drops of this oil with the others above. Adding onto the abdomen area with the massage oil. Use fresh, peeled ginger in your tea, and also drinking water throughout the day. A lemon wedge of two wouldn’t cause any harm!

For digestion; I recommend drinking ginger and lemon juice as a tea, every morning. This helps to push along the digestion, and aid in elimination. It also cleanses the spleen and kidneys. One cup is recommended on an empty stomach.

For muscular soreness relief; The anti inflammatory properties of ginger make it an essential component of your muscle massage. Add to the above oils, and watch the calm soothing feelings wash over you.

Expert tip: If you are feeling particularly nauseous, please peel a small slice of ginger, and chew on it slowly and carefully. You could also add it into your water or hot water (making a tea or a flavoured water)

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