3 ways to ensure you achieve successful weight loss

Weight loss is a complex subject, that is mainly governed by hormones. The more effectively your fat-burning hormones work – the better your results.
The good news is that fasting helps you to do this, as well as exercise. The quality and quantity of both of these aspects will determine your results – or your stagnation with those results.

What I mean by this, is that it takes a certain number of hours of fasting, for results to take place. This all depends on how overweight you are, and if you have any health issues. In terms of exercise, there is also a quality-wise factor here. What kind of exercise are you doing, and what kind of progression are you making on this?

Let’s get into this a bit more in-depth, but also providing a very simplistic answer.

3 ways to ensure you achieve successful weight loss

  1. When fasting for weight loss, make sure it’s regular and long. Everyone experiences result differently when it comes to fasting. If you have a lot of weight to lose, fasting for 12 hours is not going to make much of a difference. To experience results, the sweet spot of fasting is for longer durations. I always recommend that people start small, and gradually expand as they get more familiar with it and become accustomed to the routine. I have personally found the best results when fasting for 18–20 hours, and very regularly. Yes, this is challenging, but it does get easier the longer you do it. Now, this time frame is realistic, even when you are training. But you must try it out and alter it as you go along. If you are an athlete and must train for hours on end, then this plan isn’t going to work. For us regular people, it’s a sustainable way to lose weight and maintain that weight.
    Warning: If you are a diabetic – you must see your doctor before fasting for any amount of time. You must be closely monitored and given the green light by your doctor.
  2. When exercising, make weights a priority. Weight training (or now, home strength and conditioning training) is essential to change your body shape. After weight loss, we want to make sure our body is in good shape, that it’s toned and strong – not weak and flabby. Muscle is also a great way to increase your metabolism and burn even more calories at rest. Now that most of us are at home, using resistance bands or any kind of heavy objects at home (think of an enviro bag that has water bottles or something heavy inside it) can be a great alternative to supplement you whilst the gym is closed. I have a lot of resistant band exercises on my social media accounts if you are interested. See below for the link.
  3. When we do have these restrictions lifted, I highly recommend lifting weights at the gym, focusing on multi-joint movements first and foremost. These work the most muscles – therefore, you will get the best results in the fastest time.
  4. Eating well 90% of the time. Given that we are not as active as we normally would be, then it’s even more essential we eat the right foods – and limit those unnecessary treats regularly. This is where fasting is a wonderful alternative. It will help balance out those days where you have a treat meal – without the fat increase repercussions. This is achieved only when you fast long term and have lost a good amount of weight. Get your body into the routine of eating well. That means, a protein with your meals, vegetables, healthy carbs and fats. Don’t dismiss fats like olive oil, avocado and nuts. These are essential to help you along the fat loss journey.
  5. Eat salon regularly, for is omega 3 benefits. Fish is a great source of protein. Alternate with your other favourite sources regularly to add variety. I have a lot of healthy meals on my website too! They can be found in the link below as well. Make sure you eat a balanced variety of macronutrients every single day – and savour the treats once a week.

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