5 exercises that build muscle and strength – no weights needed

You would be very supposed at how particular effective exercise is for building muscle and strength. When you tackle both sides of the spectrum, there is potential to also huge potential to tackle the issue of body fat as well.

I think most of us are trying our damnedest to retain as much muscle and strength at home, given that gyms could be closed for a more extended period.

When you think about a workout routine, it’s still important to focus on those fundamental movements we usually do when lifting big weights. Think, squats, push-ups, planks, chin and pull-ups. Let’s look at these movement’s in more detail – so you can get the best out of them in your workouts;

Five exercises that build muscle and strength – no weights needed.

  1. Squats: When executing squats, think of air squats, isometric and jump squat varieties. Make the movements explosive. If you want to add something heavy, fill some bags up with bottles of water (or cans etc.) and put the bags over your shoulder. That is probably one of the versatile ways to perform a squat with reusable enviro bags! Don’t forget those sissy squats – if you have a towel and something to hang onto! Excellent for your quads.
  2. Lunges: (you can use those bags filled with water or anything else you have in the house). Alternate each leg split squats, split squat jumps, isometric lunges. One lunge type I like to perform is a wide leg side lunge. It’s challenging, and high volume is encouraged for this one. You will feel the burn.
  3. Push-ups:  perform these with either your toes elevated, flat on the floor, or your knees on the floor. You can even hold the position for 60 seconds in the middle of the rep, ensuring you experience the rest-pause technique. Make sure your repetitions are controlled and with perfect form.
  4. Chin-ups + pull-ups: I like to use my portable bar for these. It generally fits all doorways, and you can pull your weight up, or perform negatives. Negatives are when you actually jump up to the bar, and slowly lower yourself down. Doing these will eventually make you strong enough to pull your body weight. To make it harder, pause for one minute at the top of the movement, then in the middle of the action. The more tension you put on the downward trend – the stronger you get and the faster you will achieve that bodyweight chin up.
  5. Planks: These are so versatile and challenging! Attempt the side plank lifting the top leg into the air. Hold this for a certain amount of time and swap. You can even move your arm from the inside of your torso, the holding position at the top. This works your whole core and is great when you don’t have equipment at all and want a break from the usual abdominal crunches.

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