Is it possible to be in better shape at 40 than at 25?


Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can therefore achieve! So says Napoleon Hill.

Who is to say that you can’t have a rocking body at a particular age? The only person that has the means and desire to achieve this is.. YOU.

Why subject yourself to limitations based on false assumptions? Yes, 25 is a ripe age, and it is somewhat a lot easier to maintain your body shape without too much effort. This is what some say! I say that, no matter how young or old you are, if you eat shit, then you will look and feel similar to one as well! Oh, and you will age like a trouper too!

I’ve known plenty of people younger than I am (I’m 41) who have aged themselves, due to alcohol benders, smoking, eating crap and never picking up a barbell, opting for sitting as much as possible and driving everywhere. These deadly habits range from a variety of ages. It is therefore, their choice to encourage a lifestyle like this and maintain it for as long as they wish.

Now, I don’t know about you, but at age 25 I was not in my health zone mode. I actually did not care much about eating well, and was therefore constantly sick and had bad skin, pigmentation and flab. I was also a sugar addict, and constantly eating the things that set my immune system into attack mode. At this age unfortunately, your body bounces back very quickly, without too much payback.. That is, until you hit the late 30’s early 40’s.

Now I’m 41, and I took a selfie above on Saturday (my 41st birthday) at 4.30am when I was training (legs) at the gym. I though to myself, look at the muscle I’ve developed, and the body fat I’ve lost as a result of my diligent and consistent diet, as well as my training programs. I feel awesome, look young and have more energy than when I was 25! Today, I’m sugar and refined food free. I cook from scratch daily, prep my own meals, develop my own recipes and design my own strength and conditioning programs. I’m in charge of my age clock, no one else can tell me how and when I can age!

I can say with absolute certainty, that it’s not our age that makes it challenging to alter our body shape, it’s actually the duration of our habits over time, that make it a lot harder to alter. There may come a time in your life, which you cannot tolerate dairy, or consume refined flours, gluten or certain meats without feeling bloated or awful. This is a sign to stop eating the offending food, and change, not to keep eating it! Listen to your body, alter as you need to but stay on course. Nothing beats the basics of a high intake of veggies, low to no animal protein, plenty of water and deleting all processed foods from your shopping list. Yes, it takes work, but you can do this and you will. How much do you want a rocking body?

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