What is your biggest pain point when it comes to weight loss?

Ah yes, the seemingly innocent starting point when beginning your health journey, and at first, it feels like you are pushing a boulder uphill. So many obstacles, chitter chatter in your mind about ‘skipping leg day’ because you are too tired. Or just having that one piece of cake because you did an hour cycle class today. I know, it has it’s tough moments doesn’t it?

You get to a point, after may, many years of training, you actually don’t know what it’s like not to train or eat any other way! After over 20 years of training in some form, I can’t even remember what my biggest pain point is. I think I have a fair understanding of the transitions between ages (I’m 41 now) and can base my answer on the presuppositions with age and fitness

I have a conflicting theory about young and mature training, as I’ve done both. In my youth (early 20’s), exercise was just a means of doing as much cardio as possible so I could be skinny, fit into my clothes and be able to eat like a walrus. Well, we all have to have goals don’t we, despite how seemingly stupid they sound like now!

And so it goes, you eat like food will not come about in a week, exhaust yourself at the gym on a daily basis, and what do you get? Flab, lethargy, moodiness, cranky, annoyed and overall really unhappy with your body. After all, it’s not doing what you want it to do!

After doing this for far too many years, then the discover of weight training comes about. Wow, you think, this is awesome! I can actually do a pull and push up! I’ve never done that before! Also, I can build that magnificent 6 pack I’ve always dreamed of, but never could attain. I wonder why I haven’t got a six pack? It’s not like I don’t exercise, and I don’t really eat much either.

Missing something here….

The weights come on (in the early 30’s), then the diet – quitting sugar, refined carbs and junk in general. Then BOOM, within 2 months a new refined and shaped up YOU! This was the best feeling I’d ever had, and felt so proud of myself for sticking through the tough times, and the painstakingly hard diet plan. You get all those amazing comments from people about your transformation, and how fit and health you look. It’s a far cry from the skinny, withdrawn and flabby situation you were once in.

With all of this happening, year in year out..well, it hasn’t quite ended. In fact, it’s been an obsession (a good one) in the attainment of optimal health, strength and vitality. The endless cardio was so 90’s, that now it’s just a distant memory. In came HIIT which made all the difference! Suddenly you can get your hour complete in 30 minutes, with better, faster results.

Then with weights, well, it’s an endless love affair to say the least! I don’t think it’s going to end anytime soon (for me anyway). We are just getting started!

As for my biggest pain point? Well, I have no regrets along my journey, although I did some stupid things when I was competing, which had a negative affect on my body composition for years. My biggest pain point is therefore the sadness of not starting this warrior journey when I was a lot younger, the right way. When you awaken the giant within, there is no stopping you. I so wish that giant was awake as a teenager, The things I could have achieved and the places I could have gone to. I’ll leave that regret where it belongs – in the past.

Now, for the present… My biggest pain point is wanting to reach others to educate them in the absolutely magnificent effects of exercise and healthy eating to extend lifespan and change your body composition. With all my heart and soul, I want to reach others and help them along the seemingly overwhelming journey, as best as I can. One person can make a difference to another in so may ways.

Just remember, cake won’t solve the issue. It will make you depressed, flabby, bloated and filled with regret.. BUT, the barbells, plates and dumbbells are just waiting for you to come home and give them your all. No regrets about that!


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