Six Empowering Steps Towards Personal Growth You Can Practice Every Day

The never-ending school called life is where all the growth happens, sometimes without us even acknowledging it.

I believe personal growth is one of the most critical pathways towards becoming the best versions of ourselves.

But, unfortunately, many people are not aware of what they think about most, and if that is serving or inhibiting them from achieving true happiness.

Sometimes it takes a huge, heartbreaking event to shake us up, push us into finally seeing that where we currently are is not ideal and that we must do something to change.

During a turbulent time in my life, I began to question everything — including my role in the situation.

As a result, I began to take the pathway towards personal development. I was lost and felt it was the only choice I had left.

I knew I needed to change my mindset and overcome the many different negative emotions and disempowering mindset I found myself stuck with for years. There had to be something better than this for me.

It’s still in process for me today — and new events will trigger more inner work. But the beautiful things that stem from this self-realisation cannot be described in enough positive words. For example, I could not have coped with my mum’s cancer diagnosis without the initial framework.

Once you believe in yourself and your potential, magical things start happening within your life. It’s similar to awakening from an extended dream.

The possibility to achieve many great things is entirely within your reach.

Here are some of the daily habits that set me up towards developing a personal growth strategy.

One: Start to be grateful for anything magical.

Becoming grateful is one of the most important virtues, as we miss those beautiful moments and natural wonders in front of us.

I love watching the moon in the morning, looking at its shape and how it lights up the night sky.

I also love watching the dogs and neighbours walking in my neighbourhood on a sunny day.

So I say thank you for this beauty, thank you for the kindness a person has shown me today, and thank you for the beautiful sunshine that penetrated my skin.

There are so many magical things close by; we are privileged to become grateful for anything that comes our way. That sets us up for even more special things to happen.

Two: Perform exercise you enjoy daily.

I love weight training, some people like running. So choose whatever you love and what resonates the most, and do that thing 3–4 times a week.

You will start to become a lot more energetic, happier and healthier. Soon enough, your body shape will change.

When our bodies change shape, it also builds inner confidence and outer strength.

It gives us a chance to work on that potential whilst building our strength and courage; perhaps it’s been lying dormant.

Courage and strength have a knock-on effect on other parts of our lives, such as personal relationships, work and family. Therefore, exercise is vital for all age groups.

Three: Read a lot of different books, especially self-help titles.

I find that this is my most treasured time of the day.

As I walk, I listen to many audiobooks that have helped me change how I think and brought on many positive learnings that I use daily.

These books stimulate our minds and help us grow as a person, both mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Reading about others lives and how they achieved success always brings it down to the key fundamentals — our mental attitude, beliefs, and thoughts.

Books can help us identify this and give us the empowering push and self-awareness we need to make positive changes.

Four: Keep a journal and write down your thoughts, frustrations and challenges.

There is no better way to get pressing issues and negative emotions out of your soul than to write it all down daily.

It’s classed as writing therapy and can help express yourself on a higher plane, given that it can be hard to discuss certain things with people.

Let writing be your outlet for developing inner awareness and helping solve your most challenging and pressing issues.

Many successful people recommend keeping a diary, writing down goals, frustrations, dreams and track business progression.

It’s always intriguing when you go back and look at all the words you’ve written and realise how much your life has changed.

Five: Keep a log of your favourite, empowering affirmations.

I like to go through Pinterest and find inspirational, empowering and positive statements.

Then, I either print on my vision board or put it on my phone as a screen saver. I love the homepage screen because I see the image and read the words every single day.

Affirmations are also good to say to yourself or out loud if you can.

My strategy is to repeat these affirmations whilst walking or on the treadmill in the gym. As Les Brown says, sometimes you may be the only one saying good things about yourself.

Six: Say nice things to yourself, and dismiss the negative and berating talk.

I can’t believe how many times I hear people speaking negatively about themselves.

Never disempower your soul by doing this. You are worthy of so much more, and you have to believe this is true!

The best in you doesn’t come out with self-abuse and negativity. It blossoms out with love, kindness and becoming your own best friend.

Let me say that no one has a right to speak to you negatively, and you don’t have that right either!

I adore the personal growth journey, and there is much more to be learnt and shared. Inner growth will always be a lifelong process that can bring peace, harmony, and magic into your life. Why not start today?

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