Weight Gain, Hormones And Age – 6 Ways This Impacts Women Over 40, And What To Do

Another birthday eventually rolls around, and suddenly, you start noticing changes that shock you. For example, maybe you put on some weight, have a bit of a potbelly, or find that you have more cellulite on your body than a kilogram of orange peel does. Big sigh here – yes, it’s heartbreaking. I get it; even those of us who are healthy and fit feel it too. But, unfortunately, our bodies somehow diminish in their efficiency to lose weight and maintain our regular body shape. It can genuinely become quite stressful for those who haven’t had an issue with weight gain. Accepting early on that the pathway towards having a lean and healthy body as we age will require a little bit more work now than when we were 20. We don’t have to give in to defeat — but instead, embrace the lifestyle changes needed to rise above weight fluctuations brought on by age. Many older individuals who still run marathons looked ripped and have a very active life. However, athletic ability and a great body don’t happen by sitting on the couch and accepted their age. Instead, it was a matter of embracing and using it to their advantage. Below are some insightful tips that will help overturn the blessings of older age & ways to combat those challenges 

Hormonal shifts

It’s only natural for the symptoms of menopause to begin. It becomes a natural transition for our bodies. That will produce a range of changes, from our appetite, bone density and a decrease in lean muscle mass if this starts to worry you a lot, speaking with a health professional. I find that friends are also great sounding boards when it comes to living proof. We usually experience the same journey, taking different pathways. When it comes to our levels of hunger, this is something within our scope of control. Aiming for a diet high in protein, vegetables, and sources of carbohydrates are the most effective step. You can shift your hormonal fluctuations and appetite by doing this one step alone. We may crave those sticky, sweet alternatives, but our body requires essential, healthy, and nourishing food. 

Your metabolic rate starts to turn down its volume.

Lower estrogen levels trigger a downturn in our metabolisms. As a result, we become more susceptible to accumulating fat around our waistline. You may notice slight changes to your midsection — even if you are training and eating well.The best way to eliminate fat accumulation in our midsection or body fat is to keep being active.Lifting weights is one of the most effective ways to burn body fat and re-shape your physique. Building muscle mass helps to increase your metabolism, as muscle is active tissue. It requires calories to repair and grow. There isn’t a need to put on a lot of muscle – just enough to give you an athletic shape is more than practical. As you make more positive food choices, lift weights, and add some incidental exercise, the differences begin with the clothes you wear.Perhaps your weight hasn’t changed, but clearly, your pants and t-shirts are somewhat loose. It’s an excellent indication that you are on your way! 

One more thing about muscle

It starts to diminish from about age 30; it’s a real shame because this is our main calorie-burning engine in your body. The figure is roughly 1-10 per cent per year, more so as your age increases. Muscle wastage is linked to dropping estrogen and testosterone levels that accompanies pre-menopause and menopause. If you add an already sluggish metabolism and losing muscle mass together, then no wonder most people in their 40s start to put on weight. Muscle not only helps boost your metabolism, but it also re-shapes your body and protects your bones from fracture while increasing your range of motion. There are many different programs available to build muscle mass. The best program starts from the bottom, building up your endurance and strength – then increasing intensity and volume according to your level of competence. The most beautiful thing about building muscle is that it’s always a progressional activity. It’s something you can do for many years, which will always produce fantastic results. 

Sometimes we can’t tell if we’re hungry or full.

As we age, both the hormones ghrelin and leptin start to alternate. As a result, they begin to become a lot more inefficient when compared to that of a younger person.A great way to monitor this is by keeping a food log. However, I can’t be bothered doing this and find it easier to add protein to every meal.Protein will help stabilise your blood sugar and encouraging satiety. If you eat protein during every meal, it’s like putting premium fuel into your body. It may be a little bit expensive, but it runs a lot longer and is more efficient without depleting energy. The energy flow is steady.The good news is that protein burns calories during digestion. So, naturally, you will start to see weight loss results (that is, if you also watch your food intake and exercise).Using protein as a fat burning and appetite suppressing nutrient will become one of your best fat loss tools. 

Sleep becomes erratic, or you have the night sweats going on.

Most of us experience some form of sleep difficulty when we age. Less sleep means diminished energy and concentration levels during the day.

Perhaps you experience hot flushes or night sweats, which can increase wakefulness – or make you feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, hormones have a way of doing this to us women. Sleep difficulties seem to ease when you put a routine plan in place. For example, turn off your device 1 hour before bed, burn some soothing and relaxing essential oils, give yourself a massage. Perhaps taking magnesium will help induce sleep. Hot flushes can become problematic – no matter if you sleep with less clothing or sheets. May I suggest keeping a nearby window open for a more relaxed, cool evening breeze? Also, don’t forget to turn off all air conditioning. Air conditioning can increase your chances of wakefulness and sleep disturbances. Also, avoid caffeine or red wine, which increases hot flushes. Instead, stick with soothing herbal teas like peppermint or chamomile. Begin to alternate your nutritional choices, incorporate exercise and build a support system with another woman or two. It will undoubtedly create a more beneficial environment, which will give you a solid foundation to start making some positive changes in your life. Women have their particular transitioning period during their 40’s and beyond. It helps develop a higher understanding of your body by paying attention to its signals. Changing habits takes time – but once you start to nurture your body a lot more, reading the signs, it gives you will become a lot easier. Listen to your intuition, and try out its messages – Its accuracy might surprise you!

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