4 simple steps to leaner legs

Leaner thighs have always been my highest priority in training. Some people naturally carry less fat on their legs, which makes it a lot easier for these individuals to maintain their shape. As a woman, unfortunately, most of us are unhappy with how our legs look. Although it’s true, that genetically we have a set point to how much our physique can change, there are a certain number of things we can do to lean up those legs in terms of diminishing fat, shaping our muscles and developing a stronger bottom half. There is no better feeling than wearing shorts (or a short skirt for that matter) with confidence in the summertime.

4 simple steps to leaner legs

  1. Diet is key. First and foremost, your diet must contain whole foods, lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Give up the refined sugars and sweets on a daily basis. Save them for consumption once per week. You should focus on eating well 90% of the time. Green veggies help to flush out toxins, especially excess estrogen, which can accumulate in the legs.
  2. Multi-joint exercises. This includes leg focused exercises, such as deadlifts, step-ups and lunges, squats. These are the best ‘bang for your buck’ exercises because they use the largest number of muscles on the body. That intern makes them both a metabolically challenging and effective element for developing muscle. I have found the best exercise for the area between the glute fold and hamstring are deadlifts. This exercise really helps to strengthen and tone that part of the hamstring, reducing sagging skin and cellulite deposits. If you are new to deadlifting, don’t be afraid to use the hex bar instead. This will help train you to keep your form, while still giving you an amazing leg workout. Do utilise this with lunges, squats and step-ups to really change the shape of your legs.
  3. Sprinting or strong man type exercises. These two types of exercise really help to build muscle and strength in the legs. Have a go of this interval sprint technique. Try 8-second resistant sprints, followed by 12 seconds of low-intensity cycling, repeated 60 times for a total of about 20 minutes. Another more intense form of sprint training is to do six 30 second sprints with 4 minutes rest. You can do this outdoors, or within a gym. You will stand to lose a lot of body fat by training in this way.
  4. Don’t forget to include single-joint exercises for refinement of the muscles. These include exercises like good mornings, leg curls, glute bridges and glute ham raises. These are used to alternate the variety in your work out as well, but nothing really increases mass in the legs, as well as leanness than point 2. Multi-joint exercises are key.

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