Can I eat what I want during intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is not the sort of lifestyle in which you decide to eat what you want and expect to lose weight and be somewhat healthy in the process. This isn’t a reality when undertaking any sort of diet plan. Your results will depend on your commitment and the goals you have set out for yourself.

As yourself the following questions:

What do you hope to achieve out of IF?

What is the main purpose of you taking on the IF journey?

Are you willing to stick with this plan for life in order to maintain your health and weight loss?

Fasting as a long-term solution

I would not recommend undertaking Intermittent fasting if you just want to do this for a couple of months. It does not work that way. Fasting is something you do for quite a while, possibly for life. Weight loss requires constant work, so does weight loss maintenance and looking after your well-being.

It is true, that you can get away with eating a lot more of a variety of foods with IF, including the kind that would not be included in a calorie restricted regime. I eat a lot more carbs and can handle my treats well. In saying that, I don’t eat treats every day, rather savouring it during the weekend. It’s not a good idea to eat anything proceeded on a daily basis, but to have a treat once a week isn’t going to break the caloric bank.

The intention of this plan is to increase your lifespan, faster fat loss and re-training your metabolism, so it burns fat for fuel, instead of storing it. IF gives great results for this, and also increasing our lifespan. I’m not aware of any diets that have such a profound impact on our cell regeneration.

Where to from here

No one can give you all the answers when it comes to the results IF produce. That’s something we all have to discover for ourselves when testing the waters. Change it up regularly and assess your progress after 2–3 weeks. Some people find that IF works quite fast, whilst others (me included) it may take a little while to see results. We all have to persevere with this, and tweak our strategy moving forward. Here are 5 tips to keep you going on the right pathway.

5 steps to effective IF for results driven fat loss

  1. Eat enough protein on a daily basis
  2. Don’t just stick with one timing, alter the fasting range all the time
  3. Drink lots of water
  4. Keep exercising
  5. Have patience. It does take time

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