How do I reduce belly fat in 7 days naturally?

There are some standardised ways in which we can kick start the reduction of belly fat. That’s not to say that the results will happen within or on the 7-day mark. What we all need to understand is that fat loss is a result of consistent, committed and diligent hard work on structuring your diet, accordingly, getting in some exercise and changing your lifestyle somewhat. I’ve never advocated that it’s a one size fits all or miracle strategy – far from it in fact.
Therefore, I will highlight some very key aspects that do take some time to build into a habit during your everyday life but will see to it that you eliminate body and belly fat, as well as get back into a healthy lifestyle again.

6 ways to eliminate body fat that you must start today.

  1. Try intermittent fasting. Fasting is one of the best ways to lose body fat, maintain the fat loss and diminish that potbelly accumulation. The reason for its effectiveness is that our bodies respond well to short periods of time without food, as it increases our metabolism, human growth hormone and forces our bodies to become a lot more flexible – increasing the likelihood of using fat stores for energy. These days, we eat far more food than is required, and the body needs a break from constantly assimilating and digesting food. Fasting gives our digestion the rest it needs, and put our body back into balance, where we experience rapid fat loss, as well as increasing our lifespan. Please try it, and you won’t regret it.
  2. Increase your consumption of protein. Protein is a very important macronutrient, as it increases our fat-burning potential, keeps our energy steady during the day, and provides the perfect environment for building and maintaining muscle mass. You should aim to have protein in every single meal you consume, as it will lead you to consume fewer calories long term. That will allow you to lose body fat faster, keep you fuller for longer and still give you the energy and drive to progress through the day.
  3. Implement some hill sprints 2–3 times per week. HIIT is well known for its success in eliminating those stubborn stores of body fat that are hard to shift with diet alone. Make it intense as you can handle, during the sprinting phase, while tapering off as you move into the active recovery mode. I recommend getting outdoors as often as you can for this – weather permitting of course. You should only aim for 20–30 minutes of this form of exercise, and no more. It’s effective in a short burst, for a particular time. Increasing the duration is detrimental for you.
  4. Lift weights regularly. Lifting weights helps us to make us more insulin sensitive so that we are able to burn body fat for fuel – instead of store it. Lifting both heavy and moderate weights also helps us to strengthen and reshape our bodies completely. Human growth hormone is increased, which encourages us to increase our muscle mass and use our fat source for fuel. These aspects are very important within the long term, weight loss strategy. We need to keep stressing our muscles, so they may grow and become stronger. More muscle mass means more calories being consumed at rest, leading to maintaining our physique well into old age.
  5. Watch your stress levels. High levels of stress can affect your hormonal balance, sending cortisol to sky-high levels. When cortisol is high, our body goes into the “fight or flight’ response. When this is something, we experience every day, we can wear out our adrenal glands, increase our blood pressure and start to store body far in use for that surge of energy needed to flee. As hard as it is to keep a good balance of stress and neutrality in our lives, we can control the way we react to certain things, by practising some mindful meditation, getting out in nature, or perhaps using the yoga strategies to allow more of a flow in our bodies. Try one or the other and stick with the mode that best resonates with you. I love to go for walks in nature, to break up the confides of a house or office. Do what’s the most enjoyable for you, and you will find that it’s an automatic response whenever stress starts to accumulate.


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