Is it possible to reduce weight in 10 days?

It is possible to lose some weight within 10 days, although it will mostly be water weight. The drastic nature of the weight loss will depend on what you are eating, how much you are exercising and how lean you are. People who weight a lot more, will lose a substantial amount than a lean person would.

From my experience, it takes a good 3–6 months to lose a considerable amount of body fat, and if you’re insulin has been resistant for a long time this will take an extreme amount of discipline and patience in order to rectify the damage.

But please, don’t hold onto hope that you will drastically alter your body in such a short amount of time. It takes absolute discipline and constant work to get substantial weight loss results. Here is how I would go about it.

5 ways to fat loss in 10 days.

  1. Intermittent fasting – the best way to diet, as we know today. Start off with 12-hour fasts, and generally increase it as the days progress. I would go no more than 20 hours without food and do this for 10 days straight. Alternate your days between 16, 18 and 20 hours, so you can get ample time to consume some form of food to sustain you. I know this is tough, doing it day in day out, but you will get results. Maybe not the most profound ones, but you will see results within a couple of days.
  2. Cut your carbs for now – Only consume carb sources that are in vegetable form. That means, eat vegetables, because they do contain some form of carbs, but also have the fibre, vitamins and minerals you won’t get from carb sources alone. This isn’t forever, we just want to deplete your carbs so that your body can tap into fat stores for energy. 10 days provide enough time to cause a shift, then we transition to carbs every 2–3 days when you train. (this is for maintenance)
  3. Increase your protein, veggies and fats – So many people say cut calories. I say, cut the crap calories that come from refined sugars, breads and cereals. Instead, focus on high grade protein, vegetables and fats. This is the best way to keep full during the day, increase your energy levels, and abolish those sugar cravings in the afternoons. Protein should be the most prominent of macros in your diet, when trying to lose body fat and changing your shape. By the way, salmon is great for increasing your metabolism, so eat plenty of it.
  4. Use HIIT for fast fat loss – HIIT is perfect for fat loss, especially around the belly area. It doesn’t take long (20 minutes max) and you will be increasing your fat burning potential even when your session has been completed. The idea is to go all out when you sprint, as that’s what’s going to cause that shift to burn stored body fat. This is by no means easy, but it’s highly effective. I would only do this 2–3 times per week and no more.
  5. Train with weights – although this is your best bet in terms of reshaping your body and slimming down, 10 days usually is not enough. But if you are a beginner when it comes to weight training, and you are guided by a professional, you will get some great results no doubt. For someone that’s been training for years, it will take some extra effort to increase results. Weight training induces a cascade of hormones that burn body fat and increasing muscle does make you look a lot slimmer, as well as increase your metabolism. Although it’s not much of an increase, it’s the work you do in order to train which causes the highest rate of fat burn. You want to trigger this regularly in order to get the benefits.

I would recommend you try all of these techniques in succession. Training, fasting and when eating, consuming whole foods – making protein a priority. What I want to do is balance your insulin, so you become a lot more sensitive to it, therefore, you train your body to burn fat stores instead of storing it. This is the key to fat loss for life.

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