5 reasons to intermittently fast for weight loss

Weight loss is not a matter of eating less and or exercising more. It’s a matter of balancing your hormone levels so that your body is more likely to burn the food you consume – rather than store it as body fat.
Our bodies have been conditioned from years of constantly eating, to slowly become more and more hungry, therefore, allowing us to over-consume on calories and developing diabetes, belly fat and a multitude of different diseases. We are basically eating our way to the worst-case scenario for our bodies.
The only we can really balance our hormones is by intermittent fasting. This is more than just an eating plan for weight loss, it’s one for eliminating many diseases, and even the formation of cancers and fighting the battle against ageing. It’s not the food, it’s the complete cessation from eating food, which our bodies have evolved as a species to do on a regular basis. The concept of feast and famine is not something that’s unknown – it’s been a fact since Palaeolithic times! Why has this not been brought to life? It most certainly has been around, and people talk about it, and partake in fasting daily – it’s just a matter of opening your eyes and taking a new step towards dieting that you’ve not ever tried before.
So many people are scared of not eating that it’s become stigmatised. Remember the notion that we need to eat 6 small meals a day to lose weight? That’s absolutely complete rubbish -and anyone who’s been down the IF path will tell you they’ve been there and tried that. At first it was a success, but eventually, this stagnates completely. Same with the paleo diet, and any form of high protein diet. It may work for a few months, but it’s not sustainable for life. This is because eventually, your bodies convert protein to sugars – which just elevates our insulin levels even more. They key to fat loss is LOWERING our insulin levels.
How do we lower our insulin levels? By NOT eating for a period of time. This is the FASTING technique. Let me give you some simple, profound and science-based reasons why fasting works so well for longevity, fat loss and elimination of disease.

5 reasons to intermittently fast for weight loss

  1. You won’t lose muscle mass. Fasting is one of the best ways to get leaner, without sacrificing that precious muscle mass. Why do we need muscle? To keep our metabolism elevated. Caloric restricted diets are one of the worst diets around, because you lose muscle mass and therefore diminish your basal metabolic rate big time. That means you need even fewer calories to sustain your weight and will be more likely to put weight back on!
  2. It’s simple, easy and cost effective. Actually, it’s dirt cheap because you don’t need to spend so much money on food, preparing food and thinking of food! Instead of eating 3 meals a day, eat 2 or even 1 if you dare. It’s so easy to stick to, because you don’t have to eat like a rabbit – and can afford to have a hearty meal (healthy of course). When it comes to eating plans – simple is best.
  3. It diminishes your insulin levels. When we eat, insulin elevates triggering our bodies to store fat as fuel. Overtime, this happens constantly, despite eating less food. When we stop eating, insulin plummets, triggering our bodies to start burning stored fat as fuel. Your insulin levels have to be low in order to trigger fat burning.
  4. It increases human growth hormone. People actually pay for artificial growth hormone. Why do so when you can trigger it naturally yourself! Our HGH hormone levels skyrocket when we fast. This is one of the key hormones for fat loss and gaining muscle mass (as well as maintaining muscle mass).
  5. It increases your metabolisms potential. People mistakenly think that when you stop eating, your metabolism plummets. This is absolute lies! The actual truth is metabolism increases. This makes a whole lot of sense, because if you don’t eat, your body succumbs to using stored fat as energy, so you can keep hunting for that next meal. Think of how we’ve evolved as species, and what used to keep us alive. It’s an evolutionary fact,

So please, DO NOT exercise more, or think that you have to eliminate your calories to that of a rabbit. Fast intermittently, start off with 12 hours, and then gradually progress to longer stretches. You will not feel amazing when you start off, but I guarantee you, with 1000% certainly, that after a few months, you will be slim, muscular, and able to eat those carbs regularly, and have your cheat meals without any side effects of accumulating fat stores again. It’s truly a miracle lifestyle plan!

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