How can I stop thinking about my body and my weight ALL THE TIME? It depresses me so much.

This is a hard one, especially when subjected to your house on a daily basis. It’s very easy to become depressed and disheartened by the time passing, and what condition your body and state of mind are. This is not only a health epidemic, but an inner self epidemic too. It’s quite easy to get depressed from lack of communication with others as well as the cessation of the freedom we once had. For many of us, it seems like endless obstacles.

This is completely normal and focusing on your body all the time is usually the case when you are in the situation above. We feel somewhat out of control, and that outside forces are at work here. This is true in essence, but what we do have control of is what we think of. What is going on in our minds determines how we feel and act. The circumstances outside of ourselves may be unpleasant and out of our control. But thankfully, we have complete control of what we think on a minute to minute basis.

You may be wondering; how do I change the way I think when what I see is not pleasant or to my liking? Well, I’m sure a lot of us are displeased (for whatever reason) in what we see in the mirror every day. Are embarrassed or upset that we can’t get to the gym, we have lost motivation to exercise or eat well. But let me ask you this, do you think it would be a lot more productive and life altering if you switched that thought to what you did want to look like? How would that change your mood, state of mind and physiology? Research tells us, that this creates a different shift in our mindset. It opens up the pathways in the brain to find the answers to what we are seeking.

See, when we are fixated in the negative, we stay within a state that causes us distress, makes us feel stuck and hopeless. Then, we go around in circles experiencing this, and not being able to ease ourselves into finding a solution.

When we change what we say and think to ourselves, then we change our lives! All in the blink of an eye, in just asking ourselves different questions. It’s time to find the solutions, not delve deeper in the dismay of what is happening to us right now.

Let me ask you, and anyone else who is going through the same thing, these following questions:

  1. How do you want to look?
  2. What do you want to feel inside of yourself on a daily basis?
  3. When you achieve this, what will be different about you and the world around you?

These are some powerful questions, and they are not even solution-based ones! They are questions which shift your mind towards what you do want, rather than the opposite. This is what I do every time I’m stuck in a body focused problem and want to change my results.

We all know the solutions to our problems, and sometimes wonder why we aren’t doing them. The reason is, there isn’t enough reasoning behind it. We haven’t discussed with ourselves what these changes in body shape can do for our health, wellbeing and state of mind. Now, we’ve delved into that box. There isn’t really a point in setting goals, planning your food and exercise plan before you actually dig deep and find the real reason, your ‘why.’ Why do you want to change, how do you want to change, why do you feel you need to change? This stuff is deep and uncomfortable, and that’s why a lot of people shy away from it. But let me tell you, it’s powerful stuff! It’s also life changing.

I leave you with a final note here. Become a little braver and delve a little deeper in what’s really going on inside of you. We cannot change external circumstances, but we can find the solutions we need inside of ourselves. Asking the right questions, and shifting our focus is just the start. You know what you have to do, you know you must change your eating habits, adapt an exercise regime regularly, stop mindlessly snacking. I don’t need to remind you of this. What I want to remind you is that you can do this, you have everything you need within you to do this. The question is, will you do it?

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