What is something you personally do each day to stay healthy?

Committing to a healthy lifestyle is not that difficult when you are plagued by gut sensitivities and allergies. When something you eat triggers a reaction in your body, you most definitely feel it, and most of the time, it’s a highly unpleasant situation!

For those of you who can eat basically anything, and choose not to, it can be a harder piece of cake to swallow – so to speak. Temptation may loom, and it’s very easy to give into it, when the only consequences you experience is a slight elevation on your scales.

For those of you who are in that situation, and find it challenging to sustain healthy eating, then you do have to find some intent to make you change your current habits.
Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Why do I want to eat healthy daily?
  2. What will it give me in my life, and the lives of others I come into contact with?
  3. What is currently causing me health issues, or sacrificing my quality of life, due to the diet I’m currently accustomed to?

It really does help you to get into a deep conversation with yourself as to why you want to eat healthy, and why it’s in your best interest to sustain this lifestyle long term.

Your food and exercise choices are completely in your control. If there is a trigger food that causes you discomfort, it’s a choice to keep eating it, or to dismiss it all-together. We all have to make these conscious choices on a daily basis, and your will power is a muscle that needs to be trained – just like your muscle mass.

Once you begin a diet and exercise program, it takes time and effort to develop a routine, and one that you can stick to that’s beneficial After a while, your cravings and unhealthy habits will diminish, and you will be able to dismiss them, instead of giving in.

As stated above, will power is like a muscle – train it hard in the beginning, so that over time, you won’t need it as much and have to rely on it. There is definitely no easy or right way, but the best way is one that suits you.

Please have patience. Good habits form after about one month of will power, and then start becoming ingrained into your brain and your way of life. Take it slow, and do the best you can, knowing that if you stuff it up a couple of times, you can just begin all over again.

To summarise the aspects of the article:

  1. Willpower is a muscle that needs to be exercised
  2. It takes about 30–40 days to change your ingrained habit
  3. Your food and exercise choices are completely in your control
  4. You can choose to eat what you want for its short-term benefits, or not to for the long-term ones.

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