Four reasons you need fat sources in your life right now

There are a few different types of fat people tend to have in their diets. One kind is very beneficial, while the other is toxic to our health. There is a lot of conflicting information on the web regarding fats from natural alternatives, such as coconut oil, and oil derived from vegetables – which is highly processed. Let’s get into some critical factors of how beneficial fat is within our diets, and its effects on our lives, health and training efforts.

Four reasons you need fat sources in your life right now.

  1. Fat loss becomes a whole lot easier. This factor will be of primary importance for many people, and it’s also counter to what most of us have been hearing for years. Eating some fats is necessary if you want to lose weight. For so many years we’ve been told to eat “low fat” varieties. Manufactures have been filling these food items with sugar to replace the fat (as you need to make sure your foods are edible) leading to higher increases of calorie consumption and more fat stores.
  2. Research has shown that you lose just as much body fat on a high diet fat, low carb diet, as you would with the little fat, high carb diet BUT, you will benefit better metabolically and keep the fat off. It’s not enough to aim for short term success, but long-term maintenance as well.
  3. It’s filling. Fat will keep you full for longer durations. When you pair it with some protein, it can amplify the state of fullness much more, and you will have a far more satisfying meal that curbs hunger and appetite. Add protein to your salad with avocado and cold-pressed olive oil or cook your protein sources in coconut oil. A lot of people even have a spoonful of coconut oil or butter to curb hunger.
  4. More muscle. Fat’s help to reduce inflammation from training, as well as significantly affect hormone balance. This creates a knock-on effect of building muscle, increasing your gains and allowing you to train more often. You can take this one step further by decreasing your carb intake to increase growth hormone. If you are unsure what this means, your body can gain muscle mass.
  5. Stronger immune function. For this, the focus should be on having saturated fats in butter and cookout oil. These contain both lauric and myristic acid. Both of these decrease infection, a reliable and necessary strategy are going into winter or trying to fight off the onset of any future colds and flu.

There are so many benefits in consuming fats daily. I highly recommend you start to implement them within your meals and perhaps opt for limiting your carb range to improve insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation and support your metabolism. Try olive oil, avocado and nuts to start.

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