Avoid These Three Inflammatory Foods That Lower Energy & Mood

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Continual inflammation in our bodies produces disease and ill health


We all suffer from inflammation at one time or another — not all types are bad for us.
For instance, when we get a cold or hurt ourselves, our inflammatory response starts to kick in so we can battle the invading pathogen.
Inflammation of this kind begins the healing process.
When you exercise, temporary inflammation flairs up and helps build muscle.
These instances occur a lot throughout our lifetime, and they are positive.
But, on the other side, we have chronic inflammation, which increases your risk of disease, illness, fatigue, tissue damage, cancer and disease.
This is the kind of inflammation you want to avoid at all costs.
Chronic inflammation comes from consuming an excessive amount of the wrong foods.
But don’t worry, eating a chocolate bar with refined sugar doesn’t mean it will flair up your inflammation markers.
The overall quality and quantity of these foods cause the problem.
Your diet matters a lot, and you should read the foods below carefully to decide if any of your ailments might result from over-consumption.
Plus, from a health perspective, it robs part of the quality of your life — or lifetime.
So, go easy on these foods if you must have them.
Better yet, avoid them completely if you can.
It will only serve your health over the long term.

One: Processed meats

I have mentioned in many of my posts how carcinogenic processed meats are.
It’s high in saturated fat, which makes the fat on your body a lot more inflammatory!
Foods like sausages, bacon and cured meats have a tone of sodium nitrate, which increases your risk of gastric cancer.
In addition, the Advanced glycation end product is activated when cooked at high heat, causing oxidative stress and inflammation.
As delicious as bacon must be, it’s highly toxic and increases your risk of colorectal cancer.
These days, adults as young as 26 are developing colorectal cancer, and rest assured, it’s more than likely a lifestyle habit causing the problem.

Two: Packaged foods in the supermarket

Do you ever really know what’s in those highly enticing packets of junk food?
Chances are (actually, a lot higher than you think) that these foods will increase inflammation in your body and alter the bacteria that live in your gut.
Next time you grab a bar, cookie, biscuit or something with white bread, you elevate your blood sugar, which triggers inflammation.
The body has to work extra hard to bring that blood sugar down to normal levels.
Remember that these products are more likely to contain fructose corn syrup, cottonseed oil, and other toxic ingredients.
We don’t know how these ingredients are produced and what form they are in when added to the product.
So if you don’t initially get a gut or stomach reaction from these foods, then the inflammation is silently doing its work in your body, and you won’t even know.

Three: Char Grilling meats

Now, this is a big one, especially when celebrations occur.
We don’t even realise how toxic the meat becomes when burnt edges.
Cooking any animal protein at high temperatures can form heterocyclic amines to cause oxidative stress and inflammation.
Red meats are the worst offenders.
When the fat drips onto the flame, that can cause polycyclic atomic hydrocarbons that somehow encompass the surface of the meat.
As a result, PHA is found in car exhaust and smoke fumes!!
One solution is to prevent some marinations from dripping onto the flame and marinating your meat with lemon juice, herbs and spices.
This will help counteract that inflammation (The Greeks have been doing this for years!).

Key takeaways

While it’s not going to harm you if you eat these very sparingly throughout your lifetime, I wanted to bring to your attention just how damaging it can be to consume these regularly.
Instead, make a diet such as the Mediterranean plan a part of your everyday life for better health and longevity.
It’s those small changes we make daily that bring us back to health.
Don’t ruin your chances by increasing unnecessary inflammation within your body.

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