Lose Body Fat a Lot Faster With These Four Cardio Hacks

Lose Body Fat a Lot Faster With These Four Cardio Hacks

Sometimes our bodies need a shove — instead of a gentle push forward

The endless frustration when those stubborn pockets of fat never budge.
We’ve all been there, eating the right things and exercising — yet something is missing, but we don’t know what.
Unfortunately, our bodies like to hold onto fat as much as possible — just in case you might need it one day.
Inadequate food sources are somewhat behind us now. Try explaining that to the complex system we have.
To make that shift, do we need a bit more cardio, heavier weights or some tweaks to our food choices?
Let’s start with the small hacks that might tweak what you do ever so slightly.
It’s the minor alterations that can have a more significant impact.

One: Add variety to your workouts

Doing the same thing day in and day out is not only dull, but it will requires less and less effort.
But, unfortunately, your body is so used to it that you won’t get any benefits. That also means burning fewer calories too.
It’s essential to change up your workouts to include various things, like circuit training, weight lifting, hill sprints and even yoga.
Using different muscles means more of a caloric burn. And it’s also quite fun to challenge yourself regularly.
Challenging yourself all the time increases your caloric burn. So keep that in mind next time you get a bit ‘lazy’ with your workouts.

Two: Use an incline on the treadmill

Flat surfaces are great, but they don’t require as much energy output as a hill does!
One trick I do is to increase the hill angle ever so slightly, so I’m constantly challenging my muscles and increasing my cardiovascular capacity.
I would walk at a bit of a faster pace too. One that I can keep up with but is a little on the challenging side.
If you are outdoors, find a steep hill and try running up it as fast as possible!

Three: Add a weighted backpack

I see people doing this all the time.
It’s a very effective and cheap way to add a bit of resistance when you walk, jog or go for a run.
However, the added weight on your body will make it much harder to keep up to your average pace.
If you don’t have extra weights, try adding filled water bottles and increase the amount every time.
Do you have plates or handheld weights? Add them to your backpack.
Adding weight to your backpack increases strength and endurance at the same time.

Four: Keep an activity and calorie tracker

My favourite method is to monitor how many steps I take and the number of calories I burn.
Invest in something that can help you keep track of this.
No more slacking off or assuming you did enough exercise every day.
Instead, you must set specific goals daily and aim to excel in them. These little bonus extras make a huge difference over time.

Five: Walk at a faster pace

If you regularly walk during the day, try adding more zest by power walking to get to your destination much faster.
You might even like to do this when rushing to catch public transport after work.
It’s a great way to increase your caloric burn during different parts of the day — especially if your job is sedentary.
I like to get out at lunch and take a power walk. Although I have nowhere in particular to go, I love boosting my heart rate and getting some fresh air.
Try this out next time movement within your day has started to drop.
Increases in activity will help you add a metabolic boost just before dinner time.

Key take away

Adding these small changes to your workout routine will help you transition away from the sticking point you might experience.
Sometimes we need to add variety or become a little self-aware of the food we’re eating and the daily activity we perform.
I hope you get some use out of these tips.

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