One Risk Women Run Into moving Towards Menopause

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Women should be extra vigilant about their health closer to menopause

Menopause is an inevitable step all women must face between the ages of 48 and 52.
It’s rare, but some women develop menopause much earlier.
Menopause can cause health challenges, such as heart disease.
Higher risk factors relate to the shift in female sex hormones.
An analysis of 218 premenopausal women who weren’t using HRT uncovered that our natural hormonal changes during menopause promote heart disease.
HRT is also found to yield the best protection against cardiovascular disease.
Talking this through with your doctor is essential because there are a few side effects to consider before using HRT.
I have not researched HRT, but I think it’s a beneficial avenue to start exploring in greater detail.
So, for those who want to find the most natural solution, I will discuss it in more detail next.
These researchers have mentioned that the best defence against cardiovascular disease is eating a healthy diet and making exercise a part of your life.
One particular part of your diet you should pay close attention to is the amount of quality fat it contains.
Here are some handy tips to help you make the best nutritional decisions leading up to menopause (and perhaps that might mean you skip the HRT)

One: Eat enough fibre every day

Fibre is essential, and you can get it from a variety of fruit, vegetables, whole-grain foods and oats.
Make these a key carb source in your diet.

Two: Hydration

Drinking enough water helps curb our appetite and maintain normal bodily functions.
Unfortunately, I often don’t drink enough water during colder months myself.

Three: Quality fat foods

This includes nuts, olive oil and avocados. The type of fats we should eat daily provides us with many hormone-balancing benefits.
It’s the trans fat we need to eliminate.
These include vegetable oils, baked goods and anything processed.


A variety of training is essential, from strength training right up to cardiovascular and endurance training.
Keeping our bones strong and healthy and our bodies lean will helps us prevent the onset of any disease and age-related mobility challenges.
Food and exercise are your superpowers against many of the diseases exploding today.
We cannot escape menopause but can indeed increase our health and longevity through simple, clean foods and plenty of daily activity.
How do you combat menopausal symptoms?

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