How Protein & Caloric Reduction Can Protect You From a Deadly Disease

High protein & caloric reduction

Your food has a profound effect on our health and wellbeing

There are many endless benefits when you take the first step towards changing your life through proper nutrition.
I, too, have been in the depths of several health conditions — many of which are still unknown to medical professionals.
To overcome any health conditions or disease, altering your food choices and lifestyle habits is necessary.
Perhaps it’s the one thing that will save you.
It doesn’t matter what the prognosis of the disease is. It’s never too late to take hold of your health and do what’s necessary to regain it again — but for good this time.
Regarding protein, we all know how vital this macronutrient is for weight loss and muscle building.
But there is one other thing that protein does — which you might not know.
A high protein, caloric-reduced diet can melt away harmful liver fat.
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a build-up of fat in the liver, which often results in obesity, type two diabetes and high blood pressure.
Fatty liver disease is almost always a byproduct of an unhealthy lifestyle, such as eating high-fat, sugar-filled foods and not doing any exercise.
It’s a severe disease because it causes life-threatening consequences.
The liver can develop cirrhosis.
If you dare, conduct a google search and discover what the liver looks like under these conditions (unsuitable for those with a sensitive stomach).

Reducing disease is not only about lowering your calories

In a study to prove the effectiveness of a high protein diet, 19 participants with fatty liver disease went on either a high protein diet or a low protein plan for three weeks.
Bariatric surgery followed while liver samples were collected.
The samples showed that a caloric reduced high protein diet decreased liver fat more effectively than a caloric reduced, low protein diet.
Liver fat in the high protein group decreased by about 40 per cent, and the amount of fat in the liver samples of the low protein group remained unchanged.
These results confirm once again that it’s recommended to increase your level of protein intake together with a healthy, low-calorie diet as part of a successful liver therapy strategy.

Why is higher protein so successful at burning fat?

Researchers assumed that a high protein diet signifies positive results due to the suppressed uptake, storage and synthesis of fat.
This was proven by the liver samples the researcher’s conducted in this study.
Numerous genes responsible for the absorption, storage and synthesis of fat in the liver were less active after the high protein diet than in the low protein diet.

Key take away

We can use this analysis by confirming that a high protein diet helps obese individuals start burning away dangerous stores of body fat — but in a more successful way when it’s used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet.
This study did not mention exercise, but I would have loved to know the added benefits for those who exercised.
I’m assuming from the ongoing research I’ve curated exercise may have fast-tracked the fat loss results by quite a large amount.
It’s never too late to turn your health around and experience positive results. Participants in this study were at the peak of their disease and made the necessary shift to change their health markers — and they succeeded.
You, too, can start your path by adapting to a low caloric and high protein diet today — and start experiencing the ongoing health and longevity benefits they bring.
If you are wondering what diet might work best — look no further than the most popular diet around — The Mediterranean diet.

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