Fast track your weight loss of 15kg with these four steps

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I believe that strategic and straightforward steps are essential if you want to lose weight.

It takes a lot of effort initially, but if you set a particular intention straight away and back it with a lot of emotion, you will succeed.

For example, perhaps the doctor has diagnosed you with diabetes and told you that the possibility of developing several other counter-effective health issues would cut your life short. Maybe you have kids or a spouse you love.

The intention here is to be in peak health so you can see your children grow and be with the partner you love. Usually, when we put someone else in the picture and fill that with love, any goal is possible.

This is perhaps the first step that many people seem to miss once you have decided your “why,” we can follow on with the fundamentals of weight loss in detail.

Fast track your weight loss of 15kg with these four steps

One: Cut out processed foods and refined sugar.

Most of us don’t realise how much sugar and processed foods we eat, and I think that has much to do with not reading nutritional labels correctly. Most foods that we eat for convenience contain lots of processed garbage. Sometimes we assume it’s better for us because something is “low calorie” or “low fat”. Usually, these items contain more sugar than a candy bar! The best way to bypass this issue is to read your labels carefully. Look for the sugar rating and the nutritional value.

Better still, if you have a sweet tooth craving, why not go onto my recipe page and make something from there? You can always tweak ingredients and make sure it’s in the low sweetener range. Because we are so time-poor, it can lead us to make less-than-ideal daily choices. One day doesn’t harm, but when you accumulate days into weeks, months, and years, you suddenly realise that the weight has piled on without even noticing.

Put your ingredient detective hat on any time you are shopping for food. You will soon learn to judge something just by glancing at the packet as you walk past it in the aisles!

Two: Base your meals around vegetables, protein and high-fibre carbs.

Natural foods are always best for fat loss and the health and maintenance of our bodies. Creating less complicated meals is definitely what you want—Thats’ why I always base my meals on vegetables, a source of protein and carbs.

You can’t go wrong with sticking to it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks. We don’t always have to opt for sweet treats, and having anything savoury is also very tasty. You must be creative and develop solutions – or search the world wide web for great options. Better yet, you can check this recipe book out, which contains only five ingredients per recipe. How is that time-efficient and easy?

Three: Combine weight training and cardio for weight loss.

When I want to lose a bit of weight, I focus on using weights to trigger fat-burning and muscle-building.

This means I use 3–4 exercises back to back, which elevates my heart rate and increases my caloric burn rate. It is much like circuit training, but I’m still keeping my repetitions slow and controlled and attempting to go heavy during each set.

When I reach a set point, I use HIIT for fat loss. This is an excellent alternative for stubborn fat that won’t budge or those last couple of kgs.

Four: Don’t cut calories; intermittently fast instead.

I always rave on and on about how great fasting is. There is no doubt that if you want to lose weight fast and keep it off, fasting is the best kind of lifestyle program you can find. Fasting triggers HGH, which burns fat, increases muscle mass, and keeps you looking and feeling younger.

You will lose weight with fasting, and your health will skyrocket. Try it out for 90 days and then go and get your blood test. You will notice a diminishment in many things, such as cholesterol, sugar and more!

Why spend are days and years cutting calories from every meal when all you need to do is time your meals and know you can return to eating when your fasting period is over? These are my top alternatives to diminishing weight quickly, keeping your weight stable, and increasing longevity. Remember that weight loss is a journey; keeping it off should be the main aim here.

We must always be on top of it, as bad habits can easily set in, and the weight can pile on again.

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