Rapid weight loss by eliminating one key inhibitor

Eliminating sugar from your diet won’t only have a profound effect on weight loss, but it will also help cure many of your health issues. While it’s all good and well to cut sugar out of your diet, maintaining a constant distance from it can be a challenge – although not impossible.

 I battled my sugar addiction for a very long time. Sugar would be part of every meal, and I would lie to myself about my healthy eating habits. There is nothing healthy about having refined sugar or products containing it, in any parts of your diet. I was always experiencing mood swings, my face had pigmentation patches, and I would regularly break out. I also had many bouts of tonsilitis, which would leave me bedridden for days on end, and I would always resort to antibiotics because it would never go away. I was also very close to having gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my daughter. You would think all of these instances had me running away from sugar – but the addiction was too deep and I had no will to cut it out.

 Until I had experienced some health issues continuously, I decided I wanted to get stage ready for physique competitions. That involved a complete 360 of my diet and lifestyle. Never did I think, in my wildest dreams that I could eliminate sugar from my diet. It seemed like it had the mightiest pull on me.

 After nine months of constant anguish, I managed to kick the habit, and here I am, nine years later. I don’t need sugar, and I am not a fan of it at all. Sure, I like to have my cheat meal once per week, but the need for sugar and its high gives me isn’t necessary anymore. I’ve experienced far too many benefits – including weight loss that far outweighs the taste and feeling it gives you. I’ve never been healthier or happier for that matter. There is nothing worse than some substance having such a powerful pull over you. That didn’t sit well with me, and I believed I had control of my health and life destiny.

 When it comes to losing body fat, I can tell you that yes, it does happen quite rapidly when you cut out refined sugar. I noticed a big difference in my abdominals. When I consumed sugar daily, I could never quite get my abdominals to show and felt that I could do a lot better. When I eliminated sugar, my abs became a lot more visible. When I get strict with diet and exercise, I begin to look very lean and cut due to the amount of muscle I have built over the years.

 What I want you to think about the long term, is not necessarily how you will look. After all. When you cut out things from your diet that are human-made with additives, you will naturally experience fat loss. Think about this long term – because, without your health, you really can’t be your best self. I believe life is too short, and we should be making the best of the time we have left. Please do yourself a favour and make it easy on your body by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle.

There will never be a day in which you will regret that step. Let me know how you go. I hope you found this article useful and I would love you to upvote it if you did. Please also join me on my various social platforms and do go ahead and download your new year’s resolution pack – which has seven days of free nourishing recipes. I’m also on Instagram


  • Mark , 21/02/2021

    Should we stop eating fruits as well? What about stevia in coffee?

    • Ange , 12/05/2021

      Hello Mark. I wouldn’t eliminate fruit, but I would pick the right fruit choices, such as berries and green bananas.

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