One Key Lifestyle Choice You Should Implement to Fight off Obesity

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It’s straightforward, without much restriction or deprivation on your part

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After many years of research, bodybuilding and trying to work out how to lose weight, I overcame the adversity.
I believe I spent too long doing things that didn’t work, yet sometimes I stubbornly persisted because maybe I didn’t quite follow a specific instruction. But that was never the case.
I thought the road to weight loss was supposed to be hard, long and a failure. But, unfortunately, that’s how it’s always been for me (and I bet many others).
When I tried one method, it seemed to click, as it fit into my lifestyle and was straightforward.
Perhaps it wasn’t effortless initially, but eventually, I got used to it, and so did my body.
I began to enjoy it, and my body looked forward to it.
We don’t have to torment ourselves to attain success.
Maybe it will take some self-discovery, but we should look no further than those methods that have helped humans for hundreds of years.
Methods that are in line with our genetic disposition.
Eventually, counting calories will become tedious and unsustainable.
You can’t have fun with your friends when going out to dinner if you have to keep counting in your head!

What do we do then? It’s called intermittent fasting.

Over time, becoming obese (because it doesn’t take much to become one these days) leads to heart disease, type two diabetes and another metabolic disease.
So it’s no wonder we’re becoming a nation hospitalised due to improper lifestyle habits.
We don’t have to accept that reality — and it can change through making some small lifestyle and nutritional tweaks.
That’s why dietary interventions like intermittent fasting are gaining increasingly popular as a treatment for obesity.
It’s much easier to spend a portion of your time not eating than to eat less progressively.
I always found that eating every few hours fanned the fire of cravings and hunger!
Regarding fasting, I thought this was just something I found simpler- but now, as I read more and more research, I’ve discovered how popular it’s become everywhere (and not just for obese individuals).
Researchers exposed mice to sixteen weeks of intermittent fasting to show you how effective fasting is.

The regime these mice were subjected to is as follows:

  • Fed for two days
  • Followed by one day without food
  • They did not adjust their calorie intake otherwise.
Four months later, the fasting group weighed less than the control group that kept eating the same volume of food.
For example, this specific fasting routine helped lower fat build-up in the white fat by increasing brown fat (this fat is involved in burning energy and producing body heat) of mice on a high-fat diet.
Their glucose and insulin systems remained stable.
However, further experiments show that similar benefits were seen only after six weeks of intermittent fasting.
Not only can you improve your health and lose body fat — but you do so in a small amount of time!
Intermittent fasting tempers an immune reaction in fat cells. These changes are in specific gene pathways involved in the immune system and the body’s reaction to inflammation.
A white blood cell is thought to play a role in fighting inflammations that become triggered.
These anti-inflammatory macrophages stimulate fat cells to burn stored fats or lipids by generating heat.
This reaction happens during intermittent fasting because there is an increase in vascular growth factors helping blood vessels and anti-inflammatory macrophages.

Here’s the deal

Intermittent fasting without reducing caloric intake can be a preventative and therapeutic approach to obesity and metabolic disorders.
Such marvellous changes in the growth of vascular cells and immune alterations happen even after a 24-hour fasting cycle. But unfortunately, that’s reversed as soon as you begin to eat again.
The good news is you can keep fasting regularly to encourage this change.
I know this research is based on mice, and few papers have specialised in human studies.
Therefore, I can only really speak of my experience -which has been successful and very easy to manage.
If you are frustrated because of your body’s weight loss plateaus or want to become fit and healthy — you definitely can’t go wrong with intermittent fasting.
It’s the best way to get results fast and change your health.
I have tried many diets before, and this one is a keeper, as it hits my complete lifestyle goals in one method.
If Are you stuck on how you can start the intermittent fasting journey?
Try this app containing recipes and workouts; you can’t go wrong.
It will help guide you through your fasting times and monitor the results you’re aiming for.

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