One Way to Eat Junk Food That Won’t Damage Your Body Re-Shaping Goals

An array of junk food on a table

Just in case you ever want to indulge without too much damage

Ok, I didn’t want to post something controversial, but my intention isn’t to encourage eating junk food in any way.
However, we all know it’s unrealistic for anyone to eat a clean diet 100 per cent of the time.
Before we get into it, eating junk food, in general, isn’t a good idea.
There are a lot more downfalls than benefits here.
However, when we discuss this as something we all might need psychologically — because it makes us feel good and sometimes a pig out is necessary.
Life is far too short.
When dieting hard for a competition, sticking to a very restricted eating plan is much easier when you have a weekly cheat meal. (Believe me, I know this well!)
When I was competing, that meal helped me on many levels.
These days, I’m a bit lost with it.
Junk food doesn’t appeal to me as it once did. A few chocolate squares or protein bar is fine with me.
Too many sugar-filled foods make me bloated, and I also get a lot of gastrointestinal disruptions.
It’s not a good look in an office full of people and having to fart constantly.
So, if junk food causes disruptions at any stage, limit it or keep it as a treat when you’re with friends or family.

Should you eat cheat meals or junk food before a workout

I probably don’t have to remind you that the consequences may manifest into lagging energy and feeling uncomfortable.
It’s not how you would want to feel when working out.
When you compare junk food to whole foods, you get nothing from junk besides its initial deliciousness.
Healthy meals consistently help to keep your energy progressive and increase drive and enthusiasm.
On the other hand, junk food provides a rapid feel-good factor, then a plummet.

What about building muscle with junk food

This was very popular when I started bodybuilding. The theory was that you should eat many calories — no matter what form they came in.
Although the old-school bodybuilders probably lived by this theory, it’s ineffective.
The only way to gain muscle is to lift weights and eat enough protein. But, of course, you still need to eat a lot of macronutrient varieties — not just protein.

If you must have a junk food hit, this is when to have it

As you might want to head down this path at one stage or another, it’s best to eat junk food sources after training.
Of course, you might like to fast before your workout too.
If you work out before eating, the body can tap into fat stores for energy.
One key point is to ensure your post-workout meal contains protein.
You might like a burger, a steak with fries, or fried fish (just throwing some ideas out there). But, of course, pasta is also a good alternative.

Key take away

While there is no harm in having the odd junk food fetish indulgence, don’t make it a habit.
You can have a cheat meal once weekly — but try to make it a post-workout indulgence rather than before your workout.
One meal won’t cause harm — it’s just making a habit of eating the wrong foods daily definitely will.

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