The Best Investment to Make for Better Mental and Physical Health

Woman lunging in the gym with hand held weights
Every day I read something disheartening about the inflation rate, soaring prices of necessities and the rental crisis.
But, unfortunately, the good comes with the bad, and we have to do the very best we can under the circumstances.
What upsets me more is that many people are sacrificing healthy habits to buy food and pay rent.
I can appreciate when push comes to shove, the necessities win all the time.
I believe health and longevity are an investment for your well-being.
You must work on it throughout your life if you want to eliminate disease and perform at your best.
Sacrificing healthy foods and my regular workout schedule would disregard the quality of my life and mental health.
Yet, how will we ride the tide of any worldly disaster without those two essential things?
Only you can decide just how important it is. I would happily make other changes in my life than take those critical self-care components out.

Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Buy more frozen foods in bulk.
  • Eliminate all the unnecessary treat foods you don’t need.
  • Allow yourself to receive social alters on any specials that occur.
  • Buy in bulk.
  • Put a hold on take-away meals and cook from home.
  • Make soups and salads a big staple.
  • Buy meat you can slow cook.
  • Buy veggies on clearance and freeze them.
These are just a few things I do to sustain my healthy lifestyle.
I’ve never been one to eat take-away food as I prefer to eat at home (or take lunch to work).
However, I highly recommend you do the same as often as possible.

Why I recommend keeping your gym membership

I know this might be a luxury but think of it this way.
A gym is where you can work on those health and lifestyle goals while watching your body shape change before your eyes.
Perhaps you might meet many different people and gain several close friends.
Years ago, I had a more expensive gym membership that I eventually could not afford. So, I did a bit of a google search until I found a gym that was both close to me and cheap.
It wasn’t too hard.
There are a lot of cheaper alternatives around. I recommend you check out anything that’s smaller, more compact and perhaps cheaper to keep those gym sessions intact.
You should get at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise weekly.
The physical activity guidelines suggest two days of weight lifting or other muscle-strengthening activities.
Despite the strong evidence that supports getting enough exercise, about 20 per cent meet the guidelines for strength training.
What’s lovely about keeping your gym membership is that it encourages you to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Researchers say that gym members are just as active outside daily, combining much better health outcomes. But unfortunately, we are all far too passive, although most are active.
Here are a few other results I would like to bring back to your attention
  • less chance of becoming obese
  • Lower resting heart rates
  • Higher cardiorespiratory fitness
  • More stamina & strength
Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of heath for individuals in the U.S. Gym members are shown to have more favourable cardiovascular health.
Getting on a machine or using something in a gym seems easy. Some comment that other people’s efforts and physiques motivate them to try hard.
Weight lifting, after all, builds muscle and strength. Over time, this will burn more body fat and lower the risk of obesity and bone density loss in older individuals.
Although my gym is a stock standard machine-rich environment (without any classes), it suits me and my lifestyle.
Most other gyms around the suburbs might have this finer detail — for a cost.
I have no regrets when I weigh the pros and cons of affording a gym membership and become resentful for the money I’m wasting energy.
Minimal is usually the right way to go, and maintaining what will not eat into my budget is essential.

Key take away

I encourage you to consider cutting other items from your budget that don’t serve your mental and physical health.
Keep up your fitness goals as much as possible, and eat well.
These essential fundamentals of our lives build resilience and a health-based outcome. They are some of the best decisions we can make, as they encourage positive movements throughout our lives.

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