What exercises can you do to work the same muscles as a deadlift if you don’t have access to a barbell and weights?

What a great question!


There are so many untapped alternatives out there, and you can buy a few little pieces to get you through those days when gyms aren’t available. Body weight exercises are great if you use much of your body weight as resistance. Over time, you can generate some amazing strength and muscular definition.

Four deadlift alternatives that will help create a strong, muscular physique


Muscle up

TRX Band alternatives – try using a weighted vest to increase the intensity

Pistol squat

Now, a few do not work the same muscles, like the muscle and pull-ups, but they are, in fact, powerhouses when it comes to lifting heavier. This will increase your deadlift strength tenfold.

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When designing a training program, you can alternate between an upper-body focused exercise, transitioning onto a lower-body one. This gives you the best chance of working for the most muscle groups in your session. Deadlifts allow you to exercise this factor and are a very effective type of exercise you want to progress with over time. Lifting heavier and heavier is what will give you the best benefits. Try to change it up sometimes, using TRX bands, kettlebells or even dumbbells.

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