5 reasons to pick anaerobic over aerobic, for fat loss

This is undoubtedly a touchy subject, and there is much research on both aspects. In saying that, we all respond to both aerobic and anaerobic exercise in different ways.

5 reasons to pick for anaerobic over aerobic, for fat loss.

  1. You eliminate dangerous belly fat faster. That fat trapped inside your organs, which is generally invisible to everyone and you externally is highly dangerous. It secreted harmful inflammatory hormones which further encourages fat gain, making us more susceptible to diseases. Training protocols such as intervals, improve the production of enzymes which are involved in fat metabolization and breakdown.
    Anaerobic also increases your oxygen consumption during the 24 hour recovery period. This is when your body begins restoration and repairs damaged tissue. This increase of oxygen means your body is burning calories at a faster rate and for more extended periods.
  2. You get leaner faster. Now, don’t make this stop you from having a clean diet, but the truth is that you do get somewhat slimmer strength training, even if you are not dieting. Of course, your results will depend on the kind of diet you have, and the consistency, as well as the amount you lift over time. This is what you need to think about when determining your body composition goals.
    As we said above, anaerobic training increases your oxygen consumption, leading to fat loss. Your body begins to improve it’s metabolic efficiency, using fat as a source of fuel.
  3. It helps eliminate stress, making you more relaxed and calm. What has this got to do with getting lean? Well, it plays a considerable part, indeed! Cortisol is a stress hormone, that is needed to get you out of bed and motivate you. When it’s been exhausted due to high levels of stress, and you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it can lead to fat accumulation, mainly around the belly area. This increases your chances of developing health issues, as well as further increasing your bodies ability to accumulate fat stores.
    Weight training and interval training are efficient at solving this problem, as they improve the release of hormones like testosterone, helping you to recover physically and cope with psychologically with stress. You have probably experienced this as an active individual. The goal is to keep at it and use exercise as stress and anxiety aid.
  4. Not only will you lose weight, but you will improve your performance. Having the ability to enhance your bodies uptake of oxygen allows you to sustain a specific pace for longer, reducing your overall time within a given distance. This is great for endurance athletes and those who are embarking on some form of the event – or perhaps you have a specific goal to achieve.
    You will also notice that it takes even more effort to accumulate that nasty lactic acid build upon the muscles. This is fantastic news for anyone trying to achieve longer and more powerful performance, without sacrificing time spent recovering. Overall, your fitness will increase exponentially, and you will be able to pivot your goals into a competition level. If this is your dream, why not start planning now.
  5. You will re-shape your body faster.  From personal experience, cardio does nothing to alter my body shape. I’ve found it to make me a lot softer and retain more water, due to my immune system’s response. Weights, on the other hand, have completely transformed my physique. The more I train well, with proper planning and nutrition, the stronger and leaner I become. Not to mention the development of lean muscle mass, which is a by-product of training, Focusing on conditioning is key to changing your body shape. If you must do some form of cardio, make that low intensity walking, and throw in HIIT once or twice a week. Never for too long, and never to exhaust you.

I can talk about the benefit of weight training for many, many pages. Results are based on your efforts and your nutrition. This will be trial and error to begin with, once you start to understand what does and does not work for your body. Some people work well with a bit more cardio. Still, if you are a hard gainer, and lose muscle mass quickly (like me), you would be best on a conditioning program, with very low to moderate cardio – allowing you to tap into any fat reserves slowly, without sacrificing muscle mass.

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