6 ways to end overeating

There is no easy answer to help with the overeating epidemic we have the potential to experience. Food is so abundant, and even the smell of it can set us off into having a craving and then giving in to it.


We are all human after all, and some of us are more susceptible to experiencing cravings and others have a lot more self-control. I have found that the intent to want to change is strong. You have to want to change and do whatever it takes for this to happen. Unfortunately, there is no easy way, but there are a few steps you can take to help magnify yourself control muscle, and it takes practice! I’m going to give you my personal favourites and will add some that have worked for friends, clients and colleagues that I consult with regularly.


Six ways to end overeating

  1. Clear out your house of all the culprit food initially, until you can trust yourself. I would most certainly tell anyone that experiences lack of self-discipline and immense cravings to PLEASE get rid of the culprit foods at once. When you have had at least 40 days of absence from your cupboard, then you can slowly start filling up with a few of your favourite treats. The deal is that you cannot eat them until you are having a cheat meal. If you can’t do this at all, then don’t buy them until the moment you’re about to eat it.
  2. When searching for meal options, always seek healthy foods first. Inundate your visual senses with options that will nurture your body and help you achieve your goals. Looking at dessert pictures all day is going to bring on some massive cravings, and perhaps a binge feast. Don’t allow yourself to be consumed by this, but when you are online searching for recipes or even to shop online, make a conscious effort to look for healthy options at all times. Make this your primary focus, not dessert. Dessert comes later when you have exercised yourself control for long enough.
  3. Make protein your crucial nutrient. Protein is a powerhouse kind of macronutrient. It’s filled with nutrients that help you feel full for longer, maintain your muscle mass and help you get leaner. It takes energy to assimilate and digest this macro. The bonus is that it helps you sustain your energy levels for more extended periods. Carbohydrates don’t have this effect whatsoever, so do stick with protein and make it a priority in your diet.
  4. Make sure you do eat enough food. Some people make the mistake of eating less, which is detrimental to your goal. Of course, you do have to eat the right amount of food, but being a sparrow won’t help you get to that weight loss goal. Think about food as a nutrient source for your body, helping you refuel so you can achieve your daily wins, and help you succeed in the gym. Treats are an afterthought, not an essential aspect of the diet. You must earn your desserts when you do get to suitable body composition. Focus on whole foods, ample protein and vegetables. Carbs are better off used in a cycling mode, so your body has a chance to burn fat for fuel, instead of just using your carb sources. Keep this in mind.
  5. Have a protein shake after your training session. This is a great idea. Whey protein shakes, in particular, have all the nutrients your body needs to burn fat and gain muscle mass. This is perfect for eliminating the need for overeating and could see you extending your mealtimes a bit more. Perhaps always keep some protein powder with you, so you can quickly access it when needed.
  6. Try intermittent fasting. Fasting is so good at eliminating cravings! I found in the beginning; I was so amazed as to how my body stopped craving things all the time, especially in those moments when I was fasting. This is the awkward period, but I felt, and feel, that I’ve eliminated my cravings and am very much not the type of person that will give in anymore. If you don’t believe me, I urge you to try it out (and lose fat in the process!)




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