Is eating every few hours beneficial for weight loss?

I think a lot more people spend their lifetime trying hard NOT to eat food, thinking that food is the enemy and not the actual quality of the food. Reducing the amount of processed food is your first step towards significant weight loss. When we get rid of these food sources and swap them with lean protein, green vegetables, cold-pressed olive oils and fats (plus some good carbs) we have more chance to lose fat and keep it off, then focusing on how often a person should be eating per day. There are, of course, positives to eating more, rather than less. It’s because after prolonged caloric restriction, our bodies go into starvation mode, and that then lowers our metabolic rate. Our bodies then try to conserve everything we eat and most likely storing it as fat on our bodies (in case of starvation). There is a fine line between eating enough and not.  Once you get into the spiral of not eating enough, you will then experience some push back by your body, such as putting on body fat rapidly. Remember that this is just a small set back, which will take some time to rectify by increasing your food consumption slowly. It allows your body to get back to baseline. I can’t tell you how long this will take, but for some, it can be a very long time. It’s best not to ever head down the path of prolonged caloric restriction in the first place. From my experience, eating for only a certain amount of time (intermittent fasting) is your best bet towards faster fat loss and maintenance over the long term. With this method, you only eat for some time, and during your fast, you can drink water, coffee, tea and herbal beverages. You are not encouraged to eat any food. With this method, you allow your body to start tapping into your fat reserves, boosting your metabolism and also increasing human growth hormone. The most beneficial factor when it comes to fasting is that it lowers our insulin, making us more insulin sensitive. Over time it increases our bodies capacity to burn the energy we give it at any particular time. The result is allowances for eating more, enjoy our treats, and keep a slim physique. Most people find this method a lot easier and beneficial than caloric restriction. Because of the positive results that occur very quickly and fast, it’s hard not to continue with it. Most of us have experienced the above (as in, eating more meals or restricting calories and still not being able to lose body fat) and have lost all hope in dieting. But once you try intermittent fasting, there is no turning back – for the high minority. I think you should give this method a try if you are a healthy and active individual, and also want to increase your longevity and health. The benefits of fasting progress towards many levels – and the most important one is that it increases our longevity and helps us regenerate our cells and clear any toxins our body may have.

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