5 top hacks to reduce body weight faster

Reducing body fat takes some discipline with your food and exercise – and the duration of time it takes, and your success with it, is determined by the effort you make. We each respond in completely different time-frames.

The good news is that there are a few things you can do, in order to get you there a lot faster, and I’ll highlight these below:

5 top hacks to reduce body weight faster

  1. Train with weights over long duration cardio (Yes, you read right). If you want to accelerate your fat loss you, must exercise with weights. When lifting weights effectively, you train your cells to become more responsive to insulin during and after your workout. This is because your cells are crying out for fuel, and the nutrients you consume is more likely to be used as a fuel source for replenishing your muscles, then being stored as body fat. That’s why it’s so important to fuel yourself with enough protein, in order to sustain this cycle or replenishment.
    If you are very set on doing some form of cardio, then I would recommend HIIT, as it illicit the same results for you.
  2. Alter your carb intake. Depending on how active you are, carb intake should be altered according to this. One way around it is to carb cycle, in which we consume more during our training days, and less when we are resting. This is very effective, as it neutralizes carb cravings, and allows us to replenish our body regularly. Stick with complex carbohydrates like sweet potato and oats, rather than resorting to high glycemic alternatives. This just makes you more insulin resistant, inhibiting fat loss.
  3. Use different foods to improve your insulin sensitivity. Try these alternatives to boost your insulin sensitivity, and improve your body’s ability to store the carbs you do eat as muscle glycogen than fat – try vinegar in your salads, regularly drink green tea, use cinnamon on your foods, and even snack on some nuts regularly. So, do pair your oats and sweet with cinnamon or turmeric which helps balance the insulin release.
  4. Try intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is perfect for fat loss and results in a faster outcome than normal dieting alone. Try alternating your fasting times each day or begin with just restricting your food window a couple of times a week. I have fasted every day for months and found it to work really well. It also takes the stress out of having to decide what to eat at different times a day, leaving more room to focus on the really important stuff.
  5. Eat fats rich in omega 3. Make sure to eat enough fatty fish per week, as well as using a supplementation form, if you are not too keen on seafood. This is great for improving your insulin health. When using oil for your salad, choose the cold-pressed variety as it’s minimally processed.

The key to fat loss is being consistent with your food and exercise levels. You should allow for at least a month or two to see progress. For some people, it can take up to 6 months, depending on your body and how effective your metabolism is. I would assess your progress each month and make some tweaks. Keep a food diary, so you are completely aware of all snacks and added foods. Sometimes this can hinder our results and it’s important to be completely honest about the amount of food you consume.

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