What’s worse for you carbs or sugar?

Carbs and sugar seems to linger on most people’s lists of foods to eliminate when on a healthy eating plan. No doubt, cutting out refined carbs and sugars is key to fantastic weight loss results as well as decreasing your susceptibility of contracting diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

The story behind carbs

The issue is not with carbs per-say, it’s the refined carbs which are consumed in almost all diets these days, which cause the most harm metabolically. These carbs are simple sugars, which have no purpose whatsoever for your body. Basically, they are both pretty bad for you, especially given how we tend to consume them today.

Now, when I talk about the good carbs, I’m referring to vegetables, legumes, and any other carbohydrate sources that contains fibre, vitamins and minerals. These have a different effect on our bodies. They provide an abundance of nutrient value.

The story behind sugar

Sugar itself is a type of carb. The nutritious kinds are found in fruits, vegetables and dairy. It’s the processed sugars added in foods that is the problem, mainly because they are consumed in larger quantities. Consuming foods high in sugar leaves us lacking in nutrition, as most people choose them over the healthy and nutritious options.

Which one is worse then?

It seems that foods with added sugars, similar to the kinds you get in supermarket store shelves, are worse for you than carbohydrates. But overall, limiting both of these refined sources is better for your health long term. If you want to change your body shape, you will have to cut this out and only opt for the nutrient dense kinds.

I do hope this answers your question. Let me know if you need anything else.
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