What type of salad is the best to eat to lose weight?

Salads are wonderful, any time of year

Vegetables are an essential addition in any diet, towards weight loss results. When combined correctly, they can be loaded with tasty and healthy ingredients that can keep you full for longer, and help to increase your metabolism.

Not all salads are created equal, therefore it’s essential that you do pay attention to any added sauces and sugar filled extras that may be apparent within store brought varieties.

4 of the top healthy and nutritious salads to eat all year round.

  1. Green salad with avocado.

Green salads are very low in calories, and also encourage satiety, which reduces your need to intake more calories. Avocado provides the healthy fats and a very nutritious addition to any salad. It is recommended that eating one avocado a day is very good for your health, promoting weight loss even further by it’s thermogenic properties. Add tomato and mushroom for extra vitamins, tastes and textures. Olive oil and vinegar are great for adding more flavour.

2. Purple cabbage salad with dill

Purple cabbage contains antioxidants and helps protect the body against cellular damage. It also contains vitamin C, carotenoids and flavonoids. Add it to your regular salad, or make one on it’s own, adding the freshness of dill, cold pressed olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

3. Tuna & egg rocket salad

To provide an alternative to your greens, why not opt for rocket instead. It has a lovely, peppery flavour to it, and goes well with any addition, such as tomato, tuna or egg. Rocket contains vitamins C, K and A as well as nitrates. It’s great for boosting eyesight, and protects agains cancer. Once in a while, try out rocket.

4. Greek salad

Move on over to the Mediterranean diet for a bit, which is rich in olive oil, olives and beautiful fresh tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce with a hint of red onion. Let’s not forget the oregano too, which adds to the gorgeous flavour. Scientists do say that the Mediterranean diet is an optimal strategy, for it’s high consumption of fresh fish, salads and red wine. Why not make your lunch or dinner more like us Greeks?

Try out any of these salads to promote weight loss, and put you on the pathway to wards optimal health.

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