What exercise schedule has worked for you if you have a busy, hectic life?

As I have a very intense and busy schedule 7 days a week, I have to be super productive and make sure that I’m always planning everything I do. This is not very challenging, but if you are motivated to make things work because you have goals to achieve, it can become a lot easier.

There are some things you need to consider when scheduling exercise.

7 steps to getting exercise done for crazy busy people

Step 1. Always have a goal in mind. Write it down, make a vision board and brainstorm ways to make this goal happen. Set yourself a time frame, and get the help of a PT to start you off well.

Step 2. Allocate how much time you have to spend on exercise, whether it’s 3–4 times a day, what time of the day – is it morning, lunch or evening. How many hours can you spend training on a particular day. Beak up your days so you can fit weight training, cardio and rest days. You need to know what you are doing daily.

Step 3. Make sure you have your food prepared on a daily basis. Weight loss and strength building is not only about exercise, it’s also about eating properly and planning your meals. Make your shopping list by researching recipes and then prepare to cook or pre-prepare meals, so you can just put them into the oven after work. Pre-planning saves so much time, energy and arguments (not to mention calories!)

Step 4. Allow yourself enough time after your workout, to have breakfast, get ready for work and make it to work on time. Perhaps a time saving tip would be to prepare your breakfast at home, and just eat it at work.

Step 5. Be consistent with your exercise, and stick with the plan as much as possible. Of course, things happen, but you must stick to it, and progress. When we are away from the gym for long periods of time, we can get lazy and not bother to get back into it. This is not a good thing! Exercise is so important for your whole body and your health. Allow yourself that time to really look after yourself. You owe it to you!

Step 6. When I’m very time poor, and have to get to an appointment, I circuit train, or minimise my rest periods. Another thing I do is work cluster sets, which is very intense, and fast! You could also take on HIIT, and that allows you 20–30 minutes of extremely intense bouts of cardio. One thing to note is that you should not be doing these kinds of training regimes back to back. They are to use as a plateau buster, or when you just feel like doing something with a bit more bite.

Step 7. My most time efficient tip is to exercise early in the morning. Why you say. well, the gym is practically empty, and I get to use all the machines that I want, plus, I get it over and done with, uninterrupted and without any stress of anyone needing me for something right now.

I hope these have helped you get into a good fitness routine. Sometimes its not just about the exercise, it’s about the steps before and after that make a big difference.

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