3 simple back to basics fast, fat loss steps:

Fast fat loss seems like a battle that we constantly fight throughout our lives. We want to look a certain way, and also want a healthy lifestyle with the energy to match that – or even surpass it.

As we get older, the realisation is that we cannot sustain the weight we once were, nor can we get away with eating the wrong kinds of foods regular, without experiencing negative consequences. The good news is that with these three simple steps to weightless. Your wishes for a lean, healthy and strong body are well within your reach. Read below for more details.

Three simple back to basics fast, fat loss steps:-

  1. Scale back on carbs. One of the most important things you can do is cut back on sugary, starches and excessive carbohydrates. I know they are incredibly comforting during times of stress, but they can quickly escalate into a fat gaining frenzy over some time. To burn body fat, we scale back on the carbs, so that our body transitions from burning carbs as fuel, towards body fat instead. This also lowers your insulin levels, causing the kidneys to shed excess sodium and water. You will instantly notice a shift in your bloating and water weight. For some, the difference appears in their midsection. For others, it may be in the face or back.
  2. Your meals should contain protein, veggies and fat. This meal plan will help you scale back your carbs even more. Making sure all your meals have a required portion of each of these, will help you to combat hunger, cravings and shed body fat without too much effort. Don’t be afraid of using coconut oil for cooking your protein sources, or even olive oil in your salads for flavour. I will highlight some of the best sources of fats and veggies to make it easier:-

 Best low carb veggies

  •  Broccoli
  •  Spinach
  •  Lettice
  •  Kale
  •  Tomatoes
  •  cauliflower
  •  Brussels sprouts

 Let’s not forget about some low-calorie sources of protein that will keep you lean and full





 Organic soy

 And fat’s are just as crucial along your fat loss journey

  •  Coconut oil
  •  Olive oil
  •  Avocado
  •  Full-fat butter
  •  Nuts and seeds

 When you fill your body with high protein sources of foods, fibre from veggies, and adequate sources of fat – you will feel energetic, full and less tempted to snack on things that won’t help your fat loss goals. Keep prepping your meals over the weekend to ensure you have your meals ready when you need them the most.

 Please keep it simple by making sure your shopping trips have enough vegetable, protein and fats to prepare your meals simple, tasty and filling.

  1. Lifting weights 3-4 times a week is a must. Although I’ve said it before, let me say it one more time (sorry not sorry). Lifting weights is key to burning calories. It also aids in building muscle mass, which helps to increase your metabolism. Depending on how much muscle mass you put on, everyone that lifts weight using proper strategies will see their body changing shape. As you lose body fat, lifting weights will help you tone up your way, making you appear athletic, strong and slender. Being active daily is another aspect to consider. Even walking, jogging or bike riding have a positive effect on your body composition – although, if you want to make some profound changes, weight training is by far the best option.

BONUS TIP: Carb cycling or re-feeding. This is something a lot of physique competitors use to restock carbs for an extra boost of energy, whilst allowing them to sustain their dietary regime. One day per week will enable yourself to eat extra carbs. Use a day where you be conscious of your meal, and appreciate it. Perhaps it’s with your family, friends or a celebration. Make your carb sources as healthy as possible, and choose options like oats, sweet potato, rice, quinoa or white potato. The restocking of carbs will allow you to perform your weight training sessions a lot better. Even if you do put on some water weight after this re-feed, it will generally disappear in 1-2 days. Enjoy this re-feed guilt-free, because our body needs a caloric boost in order to ignite our metabolism.

But what about calorie consumption and portions?

If you stick with protein, veggie and fat as the main source of fuel (whilst keeping carbs low) you should not have to obsess about portions and calories. You can always view a free online calculator, that will give you a breakdown of portions.

What I’d like you to focus on when it comes to your meals, is quality. You want your meals to contain nutrient-rich sources, to promote growth, renewal and vitality to your days and of course, when serving other people you are close to. There is nothing worse than feeling hungry all day long, despite the food you are eating.

Remember, one step at a time. First, take out the sugary treats. Then eliminate all the other carbs. Give yourself a few weeks to transition and embrace the uncertain periods that follow. Those moments too shall pass by you.

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