6 steps towards losing belly fat for good

Losing body fat is a matter of changing lifestyle habits, as well as committing to implementing these over a lifetime. We will not only reshape and maintain our weight for life but also bring your health up to it’s the highest level – what better way to live life than it’s full potential.

Because we can’t spot-reduce fat deposits, or expect abdominal exercise to give us a six-pack, we most certainly can change a lot of habits to whittle down that belly fat and bring our health up to scratch once again. Let’s go through some simple steps to get you started.

Six simple steps to losing belly fat

  1. Lift weights (my favourite step). I’m sure you’ve heard me discuss weight training as a form of fat loss, as well as toning, strengthening and shaping your body. Building lean muscle mass over time helps us to burn a lot more calories during the day ( especially at rest). We also have the bonus of strengthening our bones, which will help us to have fewer breaks and fractures when we move towards old age. For women who are scared of muscle – don’t be. We do not have the abundant levels of testosterone to build us up to that size. It’s challenging to build vast volumes of muscle mass, and having a shapely body is a very realistic and visually appealing goal. Weight training is the only way to change the shape of your body and tighten your frame.
  2. You are eating well for life, not only for three months. Some people do find this hard to grasp. Changing your eating geared to your fitness and health goals is paramount to fat loss and maintenance. You can change what you are eating for three months to lose a certain amount of weight, but the most profound changes are done through your lifetime. This requires you to make changes in your diet when you want to lose weight, and throughout your lifetime for maintenance and health. This plan has to be something you can enjoy and stick to. Learning to make better food choices daily is key to your success. That does not mean you have to sacrifice your favourite treats. The key is about finding what works for you and allowing yourself to indulge regularly.
  3. Don’t stress about fats as much as carbs. Fats have been getting a bad wrap for many years as the primary source of body fat accumulation and disease. One study compared the effects of the heart for losing weight through a low carb diet versions low fat, Those on the low carb diet lost an average of 10 pounds more than those on a low-fat diet. A bonus benefit of the low carb diet was that it produced a higher quality of fat loss. Now, although when you diet to lose fat, you are still susceptible to lean muscle has lost too. The good news is you can counteract this loss by lifting weight and eating more protein.
  4. Be physically active every day. This doesn’t mean you need to go to the gym daily, get outside and go for a walk regularly. If you have a dog, it’s a bonus. Take the stairs instead of a lift. Walk during your lunch break, get up of your chair regularly at work and walk around. There are so many things you can do to be active. I highly recommend walking to and from work – or even part of the way. If you are lucky enough to work remotely, spend your lunch break outdoors in the sunshine, walking, listening to music or even meditating as you walk. Not only is this a great stress relief, but you are helping your body burn fat stores as fuel. We all know the dangers of sitting during prolonged periods. Break the cycle and get outdoors for a nice walk.
  5. Always read labels. Anything you decide to purchase and eat has to be assessed with scrutiny. Watch for those added sugars, trans fats or even chemical ingredients that cause negative shifts in our body composition. Better yet, decide to rely less on supermarket shelve store food, and head towards the fridge/freezer for fresh, in season and natural foods. Getting back to the basics of cooking in your kitchen, using produce and experimenting with spices, will set you on the pathway toward fat loss success.
  6. Keep stress levels low. During our lifetime, we will experience many highs and lows, which will increase our stress levels. This is a massive elevator of cortisol, which plays a significant role in belly fat accumulation (or fat accumulation all over the body). Some form of stress is good for us, but too much of anything can mess around with our hormones, cause us to make less than ideal choices with food and lifestyle. Keeping stress at bay is challenging, but implementing strategies like meditation, yoga or even just going to the gym and working out for an hour, make a world of difference. It’s essential to allow yourself the time and space to shut off from the world. Perhaps it may mean going for a bike ride, hike or even shopping. Whatever your happy place is, visit it regularly and guilt-free!

Although belly fat is something a lot of us have challenges rectifying, it’s sometimes the simple thing that often makes a difference. I won’t lie that fasting will make the fastest and most profound difference to your fat loss. If you are starting, It’s so essential to make behavioural and lifestyle changes that you can become accustomed to long term, that are easy to follow and also allow for flexibility. Unfortunately, fat loss isn’t something that happens overnight. Still, with constant, diligent effort and exercising consistency as well as a commitment to your goal, there is no doubt you will achieve it.

Don’t over complicate things, keep it simple and easy for lasting change.

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