4 steps to eliminating back fat rapidly

The best and most effective way to eliminate back fat – or any body fat in general, is to balance your hormones. This concept of weight loss isn’t only a matter of food and exercise. You can be eating the best food, at the right time and exercising, but still not experiencing any insurmountable changes for all your hard efforts. That’s why so many people throw their hands up in the air with despair and give up.

The hormones I’m referring to are the key to fat burning, which are insulin & cortisol. Although there are others, these are the ones which set off the imbalance, which further reflects all other instances which prevent fat burning.

Going low or restricted calories is not going to solve this imbalance – in fact, it makes it somewhat worse. Remember that your body reacts to certain foods in different ways. This also applies to healthy foods. Some of us are still stuck with “calories in-calories out’ mentality. We resort to this strategy that doesn’t work and causes a more massive hormonal imbalance in the process. Here are some simple yet effective ways to begin the process of balancing your hormones and tapping into those fat stores for energy.

Four ways to eliminate back fat

  1. Fasting. I talk about this topic endlessly, because it works so fast and so well – for everyone. This is the best way, with the least effort to balance your hormones and kick start fat burning immediately. The key to its effectiveness is the lowering of insulin levels for long periods. When you don’t eat, insulin plummets, allowing the body to tap into its fat source for energy. This is not the same as caloric restriction or starvation. With fasting, we are only limiting food for some time, only to eat again afterwards (and it’s usually a hearty meal). Now do be aware, that the more several your hormone imbalance is, the longer it will take for results to occur. This is natural, and I always tell clients to fast for longer stretches, to allow the body to heal and rejuvenate. Slowly, over months of diligent fasting practices, results will become noticeable.
  2. It would help if you watched what you eat. Losing body fat is a matter of eating well. That, unfortunately, means no sugary treats, refined white flours and processed foods. These are easily accessible to everyone, and good quality, nourishing home-cooked meals are bothersome for most. This is one habit you should get into. Cook your own beautiful, healthy meals filled with protein, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates. A lot of people usually integrate low carb eating with fasting – making it a practical and way to lose body fat stores. This is not necessary, and if you are eating well, whilst making it a habit to eat good sources of carbs, weight loss can and will still occur. Aim to eat healthy meals, filled with fresh ingredients to sustain your energy, and decrease cravings.
  3. Eat fats. I still find myself reading negative connotations when it comes to fat. We all need fat in our diet to improve insulin sensitivity and help elevate inflammation. EFA’s found in fatty fish have shown to do just this, and increase our chances of burning body fat. The lousy fat we want to get rid of from our diet is that which is derived from vegetable oils. These contain carcinogens and are toxic to our bodies.
  4. Take care of your gut health. If anyone knows how important this is, I’m the one! As a person suffering from gut issues all my life, I can say with certainty that this has been one of my low points, and the cause of bloating, body fat accumulation and lack of energy. It’s essential to include both pre and probiotic foods within your diet. These come in the form of fermented foods, teas and even yogurt. Making your gut health a priority will decrease belly fat stores and improve your insulin sensitivity remarkably.
  5. A note on carbs. I know I’ve mentioned this above, but I want you to understand that carbs are not the enemy for fat stores. Carbs are needed to boost our mood, and when we don’t’ have enough of them, the brain and body become unresponsive to metabolic hormones like leptin and insulin. One sad fact is that over the long term, low carb eating becomes unresponsive to weight loss, due to a slow down of thyroid functioning optimally. The counter effect to this is a slow down of your metabolism. The trick is to use the right carbs and eat them in moderate amounts, so you are not causing further hormonal imbalances that will inhibit your bodies ability to burn fat.

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