Eat This One Powerful Food to Protect Against Cardiovascular Disease

Eat This One Powerful Food to Protect Against Cardiovascular Disease

We should all eat this nutrient-rich food in moderation for the health benefits

It’s shocking to realise that one person dies every 36 seconds in the US from cardiovascular disease.
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in most ethnic and racial groups.
We all must allow these startling statistics to sink in.
It could be someone in your family or circle of friends diagnosed next.
But, on the other hand, perhaps it might be you.
High blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and smoking are the key risk factors for heart disease.
So are diabetes and obesity.
Eating an unhealthy diet, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and inactivity will increase your chances of developing heart disease.
The one way you can turn your health around is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, including food and exercise.
When it comes to nutrition and exercise, simplicity is essential when you first begin.
For instance, take walking — one of the most underrated forms of exercise.
You can easily walk 10–30 minutes daily and benefit from weight loss and overall health.
In terms of food — simple, wholesome and nourishing varieties are most beneficial. I always recommend eating seasonally and ensuring your plate is filled with the most colourful array of vegetables you can get your hands on.
One very beneficial nutrient most people were initially scared of eating is the humble egg.
Research shows that eating one egg daily may help reduce cardiovascular disease risk.
Although eggs are rich in cholesterol, they provide so many beneficial nutrients.
However, the evidence is undoubtedly contradictory when it comes to eating eggs.
But a study in 2018 in the Journal Heart indicated that individuals who ate one egg per day reduced their risk of heart disease and stroke more than those who ate fewer eggs.
Eggs can increase the quality of heart-healthy metabolites in the blood, which explains why eggs are protective against cardiovascular disease.
Now, eggs aren’t the only essential nutrient involved in keeping your heart healthy; many others add variety to your diet.
However, mentioning eggs is crucial because of their nutritional value, and the scare factor is still apparent through much-misinformed information.

Some other powerful food/eating plan alternatives are:

One: The Mediterranean diet, because it contains olive oil, nuts and sources of unsaturated fats.
The Mediterranean diet also has an influx of fruits and veggies, with very low to minimal amounts of animal protein.
Two: Adapting to different healthy nutrients
Reduces your long-term risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
For example, eating the following foods helps protect your heart health: legumes, nuts, wholegrain, vegetables, low amounts of sugar, red meat and soft drinks.

Three: Less sodium overall

It will help significantly reduce your chances of developing heart disease.
Junk food is one of the most significant salt-infused culprits, including white bread, snacks, canned foods, and fried and processed meats.
Be sure to check out the nutritional label of all foods because you will be shocked at the level of salt most foods contain.
You can quickly increase your quota without being consciously aware of it.

Four: Eat more potassium foods

Your diet will significantly reduce your chances of CD.
Potassium is found in many foods, such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, and dairy.

Key takeaways

Whole food will help add years and quality to your life whilst minimising all the dangerous diseases affecting more people than we realise.
Processed foods may be delicious initially, but over the long term, when eaten far too regularly, they can pose many health problems, resulting in eventual death.
Although I hate to put scare tactics throughout this piece, the sad realisation is that it can happen to anyone — so please, eat right, exercise and stay ahead of the game.

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