Weight Loss Success After 40 With These Four Foods

Weight Loss Success After 40 With These Four Foods

Adding these foods into your eating plan will help you fast-track your results

Many people add ‘age’ to their excuses for not being able to lose weight.
I know I have, and many women have mentioned menopause as a hindrance to weight loss.
I didn’t believe this excuse because I used it myself just before I turned 40.
I struggled to lose weight, but it wasn’t because of my age. My problem was the nutrition and lifestyle choices I was making.
Honestly, they were not in line with my goals — and I was willing to admit it and make the necessary alterations.
Research shows that our metabolism isn’t affected by age 20–60.
When we reach the ripe old age of 60, our metabolism decreases by a minuscule one per cent a year.
So, think about how good you will look as you age, given you make the right food and exercise choices!
Perhaps it’s a bit more of a challenge to lose weight after 40 because of how busy we become, the amount of stress that’s apparent in our lives, and maybe we lose motivation to eat healthily.
Many men and women continue to eat the same thing and do the same kind of exercise.
But how can anyone expect that to work?
Using nutrition and exercise for weight loss is the best solution to our problem — but we need to be more thoughtful about those choices.
Perhaps those food choices aren’t as easy as they could be, and here are the best foods which play a large part in boosting our metabolism and promoting better health and longevity.

Essential food one: Eggs

Eggs are my favourite food source of all time!
They contain many nutrients, particularly chlorine, iron, and vitamin D.
Eggs also contain protein; after eating one egg, expect to keep yourself full for a long time.
Eggs are perfect as a post-workout snack or into the office to throw into your salad.
When it comes to cholesterol levels or heart disease, a study concludes that egg consumption is unrelated to the diagnosis.
A good recommendation is to eat one egg a day, but if you have any concerns with this, seek your doctor’s advice.

Essential food two: Edamame

You may not know this, but edamame is in line with superfood powers due to its protein, fibre, and phytoestrogen level.
Phytoestrogen is essential as it mimics the effects of estrogen in a women’s body.
So if you are transitioning into menopause or experiencing it right now, these guys can help balance the difference.

Essential food three: Greek yogurt

Protein, probiotics and deliciousness are all included in a Greek yogurt serving.
One cup contains 17 grams of protein.
Berries, granola & raw nuts pair well with Greek yogurt. If you love the savoury side of things, why not add it to your meals and salads too?

Essential food four: Salmon

Salmon is the favourite amongst all fish sources regarding Omega three sources.
Good fats in your diet balance hormones, and protein in salmon helps to burn calories and keep your appetite supressed.
Satiety is a huge thumbs up for hitting your weight loss goals.

These four alternatives are super easy

It’s easy to make these simple and nutritionally powerful foods into your diet every week.
Not only will they help with weight loss, but they will also provide ample amounts of protein and nutrients to boost energy and prevent disease.
Most of these foods are already apparent in the Mediterranian diet, too — if you are looking for a particular plan backed by science.
But, you can always permanently alter all foods to your preference — and it’s not hard when you have so many delicious and healthy alternatives.
Keep them healthy and clean every day & you wont need to make those 40+ weigth loss woes excuses anymore.

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