How to keep your diet and not go back to over-eating and gain weight?

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Being active reduces your risk of weight gain.

There are a huge amount of things you can do to ensure the hard work you do continues to pay off.

Weight gain is something we should keep an eye on a month-to-month basis. It takes more than a few hearty meals to spin out of control, setting off weight loss strategies all over again. We must exercise self-awareness, especially during times of stress, overwork or time-poor, tending to make inappropriate choices.

I have formulated guidelines for you and viewers to follow and keep on hand daily to remind yourself that maintenance and paying close attention to your food are still required despite weight loss.

Five post-weight loss rules to keep you lean and trim for life.

One: Make time for exercise – especially weight training.
It’s very important to make time and consistently maintain your current weight. You may be lucky enough to lose a few more pounds or change your body shape even more. This is why I recommend weight training for conditioning your body and enhancing your metabolism. There is no better way, long term, to hit these goals all at the same time. Cardio alone won’t provide the same effects as weight training.

You don’t have to train a lot; only 3–4 times a week is sufficient. Grow to love the experience – how your strength increases and viewing the changes in your body. It’s a glorious feeling.

Two: Keep active – As well as weight training for conditioning, strength and overall fat burning, you must still increase your daily activities. This means walking as much as possible, standing up or moving around. This is called ‘incidental exercise’ and is a big weight loss and maintenance factor.

Not only is this low-impact exercise, but it does also decrease your stress levels and anxiety. Why not walk on your lunch break, coffee shop or work and back? Skip the car or public transport and use your legs instead. Get fitter, trimmer and healthier. Remember that every bit of activity counts, and sitting on your backside often is counterproductive to weight loss and management.

Three: Eat well, but do make sure you consume protein. Protein is a super macronutrient in that it not only keeps you fuller for longer but also increases fat burning by consuming it. Overall, you will eat fewer calories during the day. Making it super easy to maintain weight and even lose some! Opt for low-calorie protein such as chicken breast, turkey, fish and eggs regularly, swapping them for higher fat alternatives like beef and lamb sparingly. Use the power of omega three by consuming salmon regularly. Not only does this cause a cascade of hormonal responses with fat burning, but it’s also great for your heart health and skin quality.

Four: Monitor your body fat – not your weight. Do not be miss lead by the number on the scales. If you exercise regularly, you may gain weight due to increased muscle mass, which is normal and what you want. The best way to know for sure how much body fat you have, is to get a Dexa or body scan regularly. This will break down the fat on your body, letting you know how much you have and where your problem areas are and then allow you to formulate a strategy to change. Scales should not be your main focus.

Five: Stick to your eating plan and cook from home regularly – The best way to monitor your food is to cook and prepare it yourself. Allow for indulgences once a week, but stay committed to eating what you cook more often. This will keep you within signs of your weight management goal, save you money long-term, and keep you healthier. Do you know what additives outlets put in their foods or the quality of ingredients? Make it a habit to prepare your recipes early, do all your grocery shopping in one hit, and allow a couple of hours for food preparation. Once you start this and practice, it will get so much easier.

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  • Matthew , 13/10/2019

    Thanks Ange for your excellent heath and wellness guidance. Your perspective is pragmatic and easy to implement. Keep up the good work educating and encouraging those of us looking to improve our lives.

    • admin , 15/10/2019

      I thank you Matthew for taking the time to write this message. I’m truly blessed to bring as much information to you via experience, research and dedicated implementation on a daily basis.

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